The Road That Led Me Here

2003 - Graduated from college, got a good job, and moved to the city with my boyfriend.  Decided I didn't want to have kids.  Husband had already made that decision years before.

2005 - Started saving for a house.

2006 - Moved to a smaller apartment to save money.  Adopted 2 rescue kitties.  Lost my Dad.  Switched to my current job.

2007 - Bought a house with my boyfriend.  Got engaged to my boyfriend.

2008 - Fiance switched to his current job.  Got married.  Got our Dalmatian puppy, we call him our "Son Dog".  :)

2009 - Started feeling a maternal instinct that I didn't think existed.  Didn't tell husband.

2010 - Decided I really did want kids after all.  Brought this up to my husband who was said he would think about it.  Husband decided he still didn't want kids.  I was devastated but decided I loved him so I wasn't going anywhere.  All of my friends were either pregnant or had recently given birth.  Husband's best friend's wife had a baby.  Husband decides he actually does want 1 child.  We make a plan to start trying the next spring.

2011 April - Husband and I went to Europe.  Stopped birth control (after 10 years!).  Started prenatals.

2011 July - Started TTC. BFP #1 on the first try.

2011 August - Bought lots of pregnancy books and a journal.  Had minor morning sickness and many food aversions.  Only eating carbs and fruit at one point.  Scheduled first ultrasound for 10 weeks in Sept.

2011 September - First ultrasound.  Baby found measuring 8.5 weeks with slow HB.  Switched OB/GYN.  Second ultrasound.  Baby had no HB.  Had D&C.

2011 October - Told by doctor to wait 3 months before TTC again.

2011 November - Decided to forgo doctor's advice and went for it.

2011 December - BFP #2.  Turned out to be chemical.

2012 January - Doctor said we didn't need to wait to TTC again.  Sought help of RE.  Had repeat loss panel.  Had hysteroscopy (normal).  Husband and I had karyotyping.

2012 February - Found out loss panel was 100% normal.  Karyotyping was normal for husband and I.  BFP #3.

2012 March - First beta low.  Second beta doubled.  Third beta continued to climb appropriately.  First ultrasound sac/yolk measured behind.  Second ultrasound slow HB still measuring behind.  Third ultrasound no HB, measuring 6 weeks.  Had 2nd D&C to test tissue.

2012 April - Fetal tissue results pointed to isochromosome 8, a chromosomal abnormality. RE said random bad luck, try again.  RE said wait to get period then try again and prescribed Femara to shorten my cycle and possibly improve egg quality.  Decided we wanted to wait 2 cycles.  Started acupuncture.  Returned to yoga.  Started special diet.

2012 May - Started Femara cd 5-9 to shorten cycle.  Slipped and BD with no condom.  Positive OPK next day.

2012 June - 1st Femara cycle BFN.  Started 2nd Femara cycle.  Got sick (throwing up) on same day as positive opk even though temps have gone up and then down again.

2012 July - 2nd Femara cycle BFN.

2012 August - 3rd Femara cycle BFP! 1st Beta (17 dpo)- 916 HCG / Prog. 26, 2nd Beta (19 dpo)- 2324 HCG / Prog. 31.5.  Saw heartbeat of 139 @ 7 weeks.

2012 September - Saw heartbeat of 175 @ 8.5 weeks (baby measured 9.3).  Graduated from RE to MFM practice.  Heard heartbeat on Sonoline B Doppler @ 10 weeks.

2012 October - NT Exam @ 12 1/2 weeks (baby measured 13 1/2 weeks, NF 2).  Radiologist guesses boy.

2012 November - Quad screen results come back normal!  Anatomy scan @ 18 1/2 weeks is normal!  Baby is measuring right on track's a BOY!!

2012 December - Diagnosed with shingles.

2013 January - Failed 1 hour GTT w/ 163.  Barely passed 3 hour GTT (failed 1 hour, passed other 3 parts, barely).  Diagnosed with borderline Gestational Diabetes.

2013 February - Start nightly insulin injections (Humulin N - 7 units to 12 units) to help fasting blood sugars.  Baby is measuring in 83 percentile, but healthy.

2013 March - Baby is back to 64 percentile, still looking healthy.  His head is down!

2013 April - Baby B born on April 18 after 40 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing, and unplanned c-section.

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One Response to “The Road That Led Me Here”

  1. Good luck in your journey as it continues! My husband and I are ready to start trying for a 3rd time after 2 losses...our stories sound very similar and it is encouraging to hear you are having sucess! We are trying to keep the hope...hopefully our 3rd time will be the one!