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#Microblog Mondays - Can I do this?

Monday, October 27, 2014

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T minus 6 days and counting until the NYC Marathon (gulp).  To say that I am anxious about this coming weekend would be a huge understatement.  I am a basket case.  Second guessing all of my many months of hard work and dedication to this...  

Going to bed early EVERY Friday.  
Getting up early to run miles upon miles EVERY Saturday.  
Running before work.  
Running after work.  
Running while at work. 
Running while I should be working.
Eating healthy.  
Sacrificing time with my baby and husband.
Sacrificing get-togethers with friends.  
Running through injury, illness and sleep-deprivation.  
Running in the rain, the heat, the cold, the wind, the daylight and the darkness. 
Running with blocked ducts, sore nipples and/or leaky boobs.
Obsessing over running (Did I run far enough, hard enough, long enough, smart enough?).
Washing the same pairs of $25 double lined socks thrice weekly because I love to wear them so much.
Wearing the same Lulu Run Swiftly t-shirt and black Lulu clearance shorts.
Dealing with my own headcase the past 2 weeks due to this "taper".

My lowest of low goals is to beat my best time of 3:52 back in 2007.
My goal is to qualify for the famed Boston Marathon is 3:35.
My goal based on what I think I can do is 3:30.
My reach goal based on my training and what it predicts is 3:25.
My former coach thinks that I can do it in 3:15-3:20.  This is my super-reach goal.

My positive mantra: "I can do this.  I will do this.  The pain is temporary.  The satisfaction is forever."

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#Microblog Mondays - Some random thoughts

Monday, October 20, 2014

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Random thought #1 - Sooooo busy
Apologies for not keeping up with this (or my all, for that matter) for the past 2 weeks.  My life has been an insane whirlwind of late.

Random thought #2 - Marathon tapering sucks
I thought I would be loving this drop in mileage from a high of 50+ miles a week to less and less before the marathon in 13 days, but it is totally killing my self-confidence.  I am questioning my abilities and feel like there is no way I can meet my goal of 3:20.

Random thought #3 - My baby had a bloody nose in his sleep last night
When I went in to nurse him this morning, I saw that his white sheets had blood all over them and his nose was all blood-crusted.  Poor baby!  He is just like his Daddy, with the bloody noses.  time to bring out the humidifier again.

Random thought #4 - People in my office eat an ungodly amount of candy
No, really.  It is disgusting.  There are 3 candy dishes in very close proximity to my desk at work.  They are refilled at least twice a week.  I can honestly say that I never have any, but I do have a bowl on my desk so I guess I am contributing to the obesity epidemic.

Random thought #5 - Public transportation is disgusting
Ebola, Enterovirus D-68, Norovirus, flu, colds...I dread taking it every day, which is why I drove last week and spent almost $70 over 3 days (not including gas), compared to my normal $15 a day (not including gas).  People are just so gross and have no sense of common decency.  Coughing without covering their mouths, touching their mouth/nose/eyes then the rails, and loudly blowing their noses.  SO.  GROSS.

Random thought #6 - Paleo chili is AMAZING!
I made a paleo turkey chili last night and it was awesome.  Sauteed some onion, garlic, red pepper, jalapeno pepper with some ground turkey.  Added chili powder, cumin, coriander, cayenne, salt and pepper.  Added that with some diced tomatoes and crushed tomatoes into the crock-pot.  Three hours on high and boom!

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"Thank you"

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Since B started saying his first words, my husband and I have been very careful to make sure that the words that come out of his mouth are as polite as possible.  Yes, we occasionally slip up and use a swear word in front of him, but we are getting much better at censoring ourselves.

We have already been encouraging him to say please when he wants something.  Some of his first few sentences were "Up...PLEASE!" and "Help...PLEASE!"  I would be lying if I told you that the delivery of his "pleases" was polite because they are usually delivered in an agitated, angry, and impatient kind of way.  All in all, I think it is a good start.

B loves reading.  We read several books every night and there are nights when he refuses to go to sleep without a book in his bed with him.  After closing the door and shutting off the lights, I can hear him "reading" the chosen book of the night to his doggy, monkey, choo-choo, big doggy, and little doggy.  It is adorable. 

One of his favorite books is "Bear Says Thank You".  It is a very simple book, but it is supposed to help instill the foundation of manners in children.  I can honestly say that this $3.99 purchase has helped to do just that.

We have been trying to get him to say "thank you" after he receives something that he wants, like a toy, book, snack, drink, etc.  Sometimes he will say it right after he gets something and sometimes we have to remind him several times.  I think it is very important for children to be polite to others and to always express gratitude for getting something that they want.  It is how I was raised and how I continue to operate.  

Last night during our usual middle-of-the-night nursing session, I had one of the sweetest experiences with my little one, to-date.  He had just finished up on the second side and I was getting ready to pop the pacifier back into his mouth.  He looked at me with wide open eyes and said (in his baby voice) "thank you".  I was kind of thrown off by this because he has never thanked me for nursing him before.  I just assumed he figured that, at this point, it was just part of daily life for the both of us. 

I looked at him and said, "What, baby?" with a smile on my face.

"Thank you" he said again, clear as day.  Then he took the pacifier from me, popped it back in his mouth, and pointed to his crib.

Heart.  Melted. 

How incredibly beautiful.  I have been having a rough time this week, being sick with a cold and missing several days of work.  Getting up in the middle-of-the-night to nurse hasn't really been something that I had been looking forward to these last couple of nights.  This made it all worth it.  Any sacrifice that I have ever made to breastfeed (clogged ducts, mastitis, engorgement, sore nipples, bites, nursing-in-public semi-fiascoes, pumping, and pumping, and pumping)...forgotten.  This event, alone, has made everything worth it.


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