Two months!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Little B is 2 months as of yesterday.  It is like I blinked and now he is 2 months old.  He is two weeks old and I only have one month left of maternity leave.  How is this possible?  Last week, I dragged my little sister, who was visiting, to my work for a visit with the baby.  It was nice to see my friends, but it really felt awful to be back there.  It was depressing to see everyone cooped up inside staring at computer screens while it was sunny and 75 outside.  Right now I am trying to come up with a way to change careers.  Either that or I need a get right quick scheme.  Any one have any ideas?

Seeing as I only get time to update every few weeks now, I will do the update in the bullet type format.  Little B is stirring in his swing so this may not get completed in one session!

Little B
He is growing like a weed.  At our appointment last week he weighed in at a whopping 12 lbs. 7 oz.  The reason he was at the doctor was because he has either acid reflux or some type of food sensitivity (such as MSPI).  His symptoms were spitting up large amounts after eating and then multiple times in between feedings, crying after eating, arching his back after eating, and straining to have a BM.  My poor little guy!  He is now on Zantac, twice a day (1.6 ml), plus I have eliminated many different categories of food from my diet, but I will talk about that later.  B is now smiling and laughing when you engage him in songs or baby talk.  He is generally a happy baby, except for when he eats.  He has his 2 month appointment this Friday and will get a plethora of shots.  I am nervous for this and plan on dragging my husband there if he can get out of work.  We are still attending music class and the breastfeeding support group each week.  We don't really have a daily routine right now other than B getting up around 7 AM and going to bed around 8 PM.  He usually gets a "bath" at 7 PM.  I put bath in quotes because it is him sitting in his tub with warm water.  We don't usually use soap unless he is really dirty.  He LOVES the bath.  He just hates getting out!

Baby Connect
I have to dedicate a bullet to this amazing iPhone/iPad app.  Basically it is a way to track your baby's feedings, diapers, sleep, bottles, pumping, medical info, milestones, events, etc.  My husband and I both have it since it syncs regularly.  He can see what I have been doing all day and when he takes care of the baby he can tell where I left off.  I always forget which side I last nursed on so with this app there is never a question.  It also helps when we go to the doctor so that I can give the pedi accurate info.  One of the coolest features are the charts and graphs.  You can see patterns of diaper changes and feeding.  I am an analyst and I am a geek so I freaking love this.  I wish I would have found it right wen B was born.  I have been using it for a month now and have already converted several people to it.  :)

Figure 8 Maternity
I wish I had found this before I had B.  This site has so many great nursing outfits and, what I was most interested in, shaping wear.  I have been super depressed about my stomach.  In 2 months with some PT, it still looks terrible.  I still look pregnant.  I started wearing a SPANX tank that I have and that helps a little.  I am still wearing the compression band most of the time.  I found a bunch of solutions on this Figure 8 Maternity site that I bought and will test out and report back.  I got the "MomBod Fitness Post-Natal FITsplint, and the Mother Tucker Compression Nursing Tank.  They have lots of great supplies for c-section mommies, too, which I also wish I would have know about 2 months ago.  Go take a look!

My New Diet
So I am still up between 8-10 lbs.  This is not why I am on yet another special diet.  I have been asked by the pedi to eliminate the following items: dairy, soy, & wheat.  Doesn't sound that bad when you list out 3 things, until you find out that everything has soy in it or see a basket of cheesy bread.  Ok so the carbs I can live without.  The diabetes helped me with that.  My diet is now limited to fruit, veggies, meats, and nuts.  Can you say "see ya 8-10 lbs"?  If it means that I will be able to continue breastfeeding my little chunker, than I am willing to make the sacrifice.  Maybe it will help me wedge myself into my bathing suit.

All in all things are going well for us.  Yesterday we had quite the scare which involved a walk with B and my dog, another attack dog, police & and ambulance.  I figure that since it has taken me 2 days to get this far that I should probably cut this short and write about that fine experience at a later time.

Hope all of my TTC, pregnant, and momma friends are doing well!  xoxo

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3 Responses to “Two months!”

  1. I hope the Zantac helps. one of my sister's twins had the worst acid reflux and the only thing that made it possible for him to eat was his Zantac. He stayed on it for about six months.

  2. So glad that everything is going so well and your little guy is growing just as he should be! I'm totally going to check out Figure 8 Maternity right now. But so sorry to hear about your scary experience with the dogs and ambulance. Hope everything is okay!

  3. Glad things are okay, sorry you had a scary experience.