This stuff only happens on film, right?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This is the second Mother's Day weekend that I have been lucky enough to celebrate with my family.  Last year at this time, I had pretty much just given birth and was still coming out of that first month, baby induced fog.  This year I was actually able to spend the weekend hanging out with my family and the beautiful weather that we had made things that much more enjoyable.

We started the weekend off by doing a family 5K.  My husband agreed to run with the baby in the jogger so that I could test out my newly conditioned wheels.  I am so grateful to him that he let me run the race sans baby because I ended up PRing by 46 seconds!  That doesn't sound like a lot to most people, but my previous fastest 5K was 20:51.  I hit 20:05 (6:27 pace!) at this 5K, almost making my goal race time of under 20 minutes.  Ahhhh I was so close!  I think I am heading in the right direction though.  I hope that I can make up 6 seconds on my next race.

My husband the the baby did great, too!  I felt bad though because there was a definite head wind on the part of the course and running with the jogger is like running with a parachute tied to your back...very difficult.  Even still, they finished under 29 minutes, so I was very proud of them both!

After we ran the race, we hung around for a bit to see the results of the race.  Turns out that I got 3rd place in my age group, so I had to hang out to receive my medal.  The three of us were hanging out near the car because it was still a little chilly and windy.  The baby was sitting in the driver's seat, I was in the passenger's seat, and my husband was standing next to the car.  The baby was playing with anything that he could get his little hands on: Daddy's cell phone, a pen, the car keys...

I announced to my husband that I was going to run to the bathroom and that he would need to keep a close eye on the babe.  He nodded and I sprinted to the loo.  I unsuccessfully tried to get into the passenger's side of the car; the door was locked.

"Hey!  Unlock the car!" I yelled to my husband over the car.

He attempted to open the driver's side door with no luck.

"Ummmmm it's locked!" he exclaimed.

"Haha" I said.

"No really, it's locked.  B is locked in the car" he said.

Oh gawd...for real?  

He had done, what he thought, was close the door partially to let someone through, when he actually latched the door.  B had apparently used the car keys to lock the door while he was playing.

There was little B, sitting in the driver's seat of the car, smiling and waving to his freaked out parents.

"What do we do???" my husband asked.

"Call the police!" I said with agitation in my voice.

"My phone is in the car.  Use your phone!" he said.

"My phone is in the car, too!  Go ask someone if you can use their phone!" I said.  Then I spotted two police officers that had been directing race traffic and I made a beeline for them.

I frantically interrupted their conversation and uttered a few key words including: baby, locked, and car.  The officers quickly shifted into business mode and ran over to the car with me.  There was little B, in the front seat, with both hands on the wheel, and smiling at us all.

"Push the unlock button!" one of the police officers yelled to him.  His selective hearing kicked in; he was only interested in enjoying his alone time in the car and had no desire to try to figure out how to break himself free.

"I think we are going to have to call the fire department" the other officer decided.  He radioed to the nearest station and they were on there way.  Not more than 5 minutes later the fire truck had made its way to the race parking lot.  The group of people who had gathered for the race awards ceremony stared at the ruckus that we were making.

B had a blast watching the firefighters prop open the door with a balloon looking things and then unlock the door with a long coat-hanger-looking-thingy.  Poof!  The door was opened and my devious little wanna-be-driver was free.  He looked up at all of us staring at him and cheering and then he started clapping for himself.  It was priceless.

We thanked the police and firemen and then headed over to the award ceremony.  With lots of awkward stares, I accepted my age group medal, and then we headed home.  If this is a preview of coming attractions (with regards to how B is going to be as a toddler), we are in serious trouble!!

Wishing all the mommies with babies in their arms, babies in their bellies, and babies in heaven a very Happy Mother's Day!  You are all amazing.  xoxo

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2 Responses to “This stuff only happens on film, right?”

  1. Reagan locked herself in the bathroom one time. Cue major freak-out Thankfully, I just kept turning the door handle and she turned the lock. She is lucky she is cute is what I tell her a lot these days. Congrats on PR'ing!

  2. Hilarous looking back, I bet. But scary at the time. Congrats on the PR!!! You are fast, girl! My fastest 5k was in high school 24:54.