#Microblog Mondays - Some random thoughts

Monday, October 20, 2014

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Random thought #1 - Sooooo busy
Apologies for not keeping up with this (or my blog...at all, for that matter) for the past 2 weeks.  My life has been an insane whirlwind of late.

Random thought #2 - Marathon tapering sucks
I thought I would be loving this drop in mileage from a high of 50+ miles a week to less and less before the marathon in 13 days, but it is totally killing my self-confidence.  I am questioning my abilities and feel like there is no way I can meet my goal of 3:20.

Random thought #3 - My baby had a bloody nose in his sleep last night
When I went in to nurse him this morning, I saw that his white sheets had blood all over them and his nose was all blood-crusted.  Poor baby!  He is just like his Daddy, with the bloody noses.  time to bring out the humidifier again.

Random thought #4 - People in my office eat an ungodly amount of candy
No, really.  It is disgusting.  There are 3 candy dishes in very close proximity to my desk at work.  They are refilled at least twice a week.  I can honestly say that I never have any, but I do have a bowl on my desk so I guess I am contributing to the obesity epidemic.

Random thought #5 - Public transportation is disgusting
Ebola, Enterovirus D-68, Norovirus, flu, colds...I dread taking it every day, which is why I drove last week and spent almost $70 over 3 days (not including gas), compared to my normal $15 a day (not including gas).  People are just so gross and have no sense of common decency.  Coughing without covering their mouths, touching their mouth/nose/eyes then the rails, and loudly blowing their noses.  SO.  GROSS.

Random thought #6 - Paleo chili is AMAZING!
I made a paleo turkey chili last night and it was awesome.  Sauteed some onion, garlic, red pepper, jalapeno pepper with some ground turkey.  Added chili powder, cumin, coriander, cayenne, salt and pepper.  Added that with some diced tomatoes and crushed tomatoes into the crock-pot.  Three hours on high and boom!

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6 Responses to “#Microblog Mondays - Some random thoughts”

  1. That chili sounds amazing! I have candy on my desk as well and shockingly it hasn't been emptied yet.

    1. You must have less junk-food fiends in your office! :o)

  2. #1: No stress about not blogging! We all get busy.
    #2: Have never run a marathon, but I get second-guessing yourself. Hang in there.
    #3: Poor guy!
    #4: Yes. Sugar is such an issue in this country. It truly is a drug in and of itself. But we need some sugar to survive (our bodies require it and will find ways to make it if not available). Hence it's a hard one.
    #5: Yes, I completely agree. Especially with cold/flu season upon us. Granted, there is the ability to build up immunity, but it's also why I'm getting my flu shot ASAP (Beats have already been immunized).
    #6: Dumb question: is the difference between Paleo chili and regular chili the beans? Cause I have a Turkey & black bean chili recipe I love that sounds very similar to this one.

    1. Yes! Paleo chili just means no dairy/beans even though I actually had some cheddar on top. :-)

  3. I never thought about the illness factor with public transport. I take it when I'm going downtown because the traffic/parking makes me late. But I get nauseated by the Metro. Just the movement of the train. It's like 45 minutes of torture to get to where I'm going.

    1. Yes! It is so super icky for oh so many reasons, but a necessary evil, I guess.