#Microblog Mondays - Happy 2015 (Paleo Christmas Cookie Wrap-up)

Monday, January 5, 2015

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It's been a while since I have been able to sit at a computer for more than 5 minutes at a time since daycare has been closed for almost 2 weeks and I have taken some time off of work.  It was nice to be away from the daily grind, but today it is back to reality.  I already miss my little B. 

Let's see, in the past 2 weeks, I have put on Christmas Day dinner for 10 people, hosted 5 family members at my tiny 1100 sq. ft. house for 5 days, hosted NYE for 10 people, won a race that over 500 people ran (1st female), and was able to get everything back together for today.  No, I didn't sleep much.

Lastly, here is a quick (and promised) update on the Paleo cookies that I made for Christmas this year... most of them were a success. 

Hope you all had a great holiday with family and friends!  XOXO

The lemon cookie turned out great, but the lemon-curd was TERRIBLE.  I remade it twice and both times it turned into a gelatinous and chalky tasting mess.  What I ended up doing was filling the cookies with fruit preserves (apricot and blackberry).  That was awesome.  They did not save well though and got terribly mushy after several hours.  I should have frozen them immediately.
AMAZING and easy.  They got rave reviews from even the pickiest eaters (my younger brothers).
These were kind of a pain in the @$$ to make, but they were really fabulous and most likely the best out of all of the ones that I made.  They tasted like a real cookie, not necessarily a samoa, but very excellent.
GREAT (and easy)!  I also got rave reviews from this and was asked by several people where I got the recipe.
These did not turn out as hoped.  The cookie was really hard to "roll" out and stuck like you have no idea (even on parchment paper).  The "cream" filling also did not work for me.  I ended up salvaging about half of the cookies and filling it with some homeade "Nutella".  I actually got asked for the recipe! :-)
Incredible, as usual.  This is a staple for me that I use to wow Paleo-naysayers.  The cookies always turn out great and you would have no idea that they were grain-free.  I think I have made 4 batches of these over the past 2 weeks.
I didn't make these, but instead subbed with a recipe from Danielle Walker's "Joyful" cookbook.  Normally I love her recipes, but this one fell short for me.  It could have been because I used sunbutter instead of almond butter, but my son did love them.  He ate most of the batch!
I didn't get here either.  
Paleo Marshmallows from Danielle Walker's "Joyful" cookbook
They were easy and tasted as good as marshmallows made with honey could taste.  The consistency was spot on.  
These turned out well, but didn't keep very long.  I was able to get these into the freezer.
Paleo Thumbprint Cookies from Danielle Walker's "Joyful" cookbook
These were easy to make and turned out great!  I froze a bunch of them for later.

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2 Responses to “#Microblog Mondays - Happy 2015 (Paleo Christmas Cookie Wrap-up)”

  1. The cookies look yummy. Thanks for the update and recommendations!

  2. Congratulations on winning the race!

    It was back to work for me today, too. It's painful. I want to go to sleep and it's only 8 pm.