Holy moly 4 months already

Monday, August 19, 2013

I can't believe that I just got back from taking my little one to his 4 month appointment today.  He weighs a whopping 17 lbs even and is 25.25 inches long.  He is in the 80th and 56th percentiles (respectively).  I have a chubby baby!

The doctor was very pleased with his growth.  This little over-achiever already has his first tooth coming through on the bottom right.  He has rolled over from front to back, three times.  He can sit in his exersaucer with a pillow under his feet.  He is doing really well.  The only not so great part about our visit today was the 4 vaccines that he had to get.  It is the saddest thing to see your baby kicking and smiling joyfully and then screaming in terror as they are stuck in the leg with the needle.  Ugh it is the worst.

Tomorrow is B's appointment at the Children's Hospital for his acid reflux.  We will finally figure out (or start down the road to finding out) if this is what he has or if it really is a MSPI (milk/soy protein intolerance).  I am hopeful that there is nothing wrong with him at all and he just spits more than the average baby.  I would love to enjoy a slice of pizza again.  :-)

I have two appointments with daycare centers coming up.  One is this coming Friday, near our house.  The other is next Wednesday near my work.  It will be quite interesting to see these places and hear about how expensive they are.

As for me, 4 months post baby and I am happy to post that my diastasis recti is back down to normal levels.  I have gone from a more than 4 finger separation to tight 2 finger separation.  My physical therapist was quite impressed with my progress and she sent me on my merry way with a packet full of exercises that I can continue to do in the coming months (and a whole set of pregnancy ones if I end up pregnant again someday).  She also cleared me for crunches and yoga.  I am sooooo excited to start yoga again!  In an upcoming post, I am going to document the exercises that I did so I can help people who are looking for advice on this topic.  I had trouble finding anything that wasn't a gimmick or that I didn't have to pay for a few months back.

I am also pleased to say that I am down to 125 lbs and I fit into a pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans this last weekend!  I was happily shocked.  The jeans were definitely big on me pre-pregnancy and they are just fitting now, but hey, I'll take it.

Last week I was able to run 5 days out of 7.  Granted they were not fast runs and they were not especially long runs, but I was able to do it and work and take care of B.  I am hoping to keep up with at least 3-4 days a week and walks on other days.  B loves going with me.  I think he is going to be my new favorite running buddy!  :-)

This past weekend was one of the most social that I have had yet.  I feel like I am finally getting back to a semblance of my old self and am getting the hang of this working mommy thing.  Friday night I left baby with Daddy and attended my sister's birthday party.  Even though I was the first one to leave the party, I was out until almost midnight.  Late night for me!  Be was great for Daddy, too.  He slept the whole time I was gone.  Saturday, my husband and I went to a BBQ with B.  Three other babies that were the same age as B were there.  It was a riot.  Sunday, I went to the local farmer's market, got coffee and took a stroller walk with my sister and B, and then met up with a few families at the beach.

It took me 4 months (and 2 years) to get here, but I am content, finally.  Life is good.  I didn't think I would ever get the chance to feel this way.  I am so very thankful.    

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3 Responses to “Holy moly 4 months already”

  1. Sounds like things are going so well! I would love to know what pregnancy exercises were recommended...(hint hint) :-)

  2. Yeah! Love that you are in the swing of things...it takes a while, but eventually things get somewhat normal!

  3. Time sure flies!! My lil man will be 5 months on Sept 3 and he's close to 27 in long! (my husb and i are both near 6' though so expected lol) I will be looking forward to see what the docs say about his spitting up! I thought we were the only ones! lol our lil guy spits up more than any baby I've EVER seen and we have tried so many organic formulas (I refuse to go down the commercial road, or soy!) and even tried Nutramigin and he could not tolerate it at all. (Unfortunately I'm physically unable to breastfeed and this breaks my heart!) His ped says he doesn't have acid reflux because he doesn't ever cry or act like he's having any kind of pain when he spits up and he's gaining weight normally, it just comes up a whole lot! And the reflux meds only stop the pain, not the spit up so we're at a loss! It's so frustrating. I think we will try another doc's opinion too. We are thinking milk protein allergy too because he started showing signs of eczema but it cleared up when we changed to Castille soap. But we are out of formula options for him at this point. The only thing we haven't tried is goats milk and that may be our last resort lol. But sounds like you guys are doing great! :-) Four months is the start of the most fun age to me since they are learning so much so fast and discovering the world around them!