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Monday, September 22, 2014

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12:14 AM.

I hear the familiar cry of my 17 month old from the room next door. 

We have never been the CIO type and would much rather deal with the effects of night upon night of sleep deprivation, instead. 

We are unsuccessfully trying to night wean so I poke my husband and tell him that he's on duty. 

I hear the door slowly open and, during that moment, B is quiet. 

As soon as Daddy pokes his head in and B realizes that it is Daddy with a cup of water and not Mommy with her magical boobies...

I wait for the crescendo...

"Mommy...Mommy...Mommy...GLEE*!  GLEE!  GLEE!  WAAAAAAH!" he screams louder and louder.
*Glee=breastmilk/nursing in B (language).  Such a long story.

Daddy tries his best at rocking, soothing, and providing a drink of water, but with no luck. 

Tired and defeated, my husband puts B back into his bed (who at this point is angry and agitated) and passes me the baton.

I enter the room and immediately the crying ceases.  The pass* gets thrown on the floor.  The arms raise for me to pick him up.  "GLEE!"  he promptly states.
*Pass=pacifier in B (language)

We sit in the rocker and I cradle him in my arms.  He quickly relaxes and starts his usual nursing behaviors (trying to pull out my nursing pad, rubbing/squeezing my arms, scratching my chest, etc.).

When done on the right side he pops off and says, "GLEE?" even though he knows that it is time for a diaper change first.

Diaper change completed.  Back to the chair for part deux of our midnight nursing sesh.

All done.  Back into bed.  Kiss from Mommy, check.  Doggy, check.  Monkey, check.  Blankie, check.

Magical boobies... your never-ending nightly job is complete.    

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4 Responses to “#Microblog Mondays - Magical boobies”

  1. Night weaning. So much fun! ;)

    I read posts from another blogger about this. She had her husband start offering warm milk first (she was pregnant with #2 and wa worried her son would struggle if he had to compete with the new baby). It took some adjustment, but this seemed to work for them.

    And boobs are certainly magical. Who knew they could do so much to soothe a child (even when not nursing).

  2. As much as the sleep deprivation is a killer, those night time moments are so sweet and they pass so quickly.

  3. Ohh sleep deprivation is the theme for the day I think.. SO many sleep deprived parents..hang in there

    Random Thoughts Naba...#MicroblogMondays: I Wish To Read It Again......

  4. I'm glad to know another blogger who is breastfeeding past 12 months. Seems like many stop at 12.