14 week sleep regression

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wow 2 days in a row.  I am impressed with myself.  ;-)

I am not sure if it is because we completely changed up B's scheduled or what, but this week has been just as bad for sleeping as it was when he was 2 weeks old.  He went from sleeping 5-6 solid hours to 1.5-2 hours.  Mommy is tired.  Mommy is grouchy.  Mommy is sleepy.

I am graciously soliciting advice here from other mommies out there who have gone through the same thing.  I started loosely implementing the E.A.S.Y. (Eat, Activity, Sleep, Your time) baby schedule for B about 2 months back and it seemed to be working. Here is what our typical schedule looked like, with regards to sleep, before I went back to work.  I was BF on demand so I am not putting the full feeding schedule in here.  He sleeps in a co-sleeper in our room right now.

7 AM- wake for the day
9 AM- nap
12 PM- nap
3 PM- nap
5 PM- cat-nap
6:30 PM- bath, massage w/ lotion, book, swaddle, BF, sing
7:30 PM- bed
10:30 PM- dream feed
3:30/4 AM- B wakes on his own to eat

Now that I am back to work and have to wake at the ungodly hour of 4:45 AM for the day, things are a little different.  He takes one good nap in the morning and then that is it.  Only cat-naps for the rest of the day and not on any schedule.  My poor sister.  The items in parenthesis are the events that I have no control over.

5:40 AM- wake B to BF
6:10 AM- I leave for work
7 AM- nap
8:30/9 AM- 5 oz bottle pumped milk, I pump between 6-8 oz @ work
12 PM- 5oz bottle pumped milk, I pump 5-6 oz @ work
3 PM- 5oz bottle pumped milk, I pump 4-5 oz @ work
5 PM- I get home from work
5:30/6 PM- BF
6:30 PM- bath, massage w/ lotion, book, swaddle, BF, sing
7:30 PM- put B down
8 PM- B wakes up crying, soothe and put back in bed w/ pacifier
8:15 PM- wakes up crying, soothe and put back in bed w/ pacifier
8:30 PM- wakes up crying, soothe and put back in bed w/ pacifier
8:45 PM- B is finally asleep
10/10:30 PM- dream feed or pump (last night was the first night I skipped the dream feed and pumped because it doesn't seem to be working anymore)
(12:30 AM- B wakes crying, BF lying down, we both fall asleep)
1:30 AM- I wake up, put B back in his bed
3 AM- B wakes crying, BF lying down, we both fall asleep, again
4:30/4:45 AM-  wake up, put B back in his bed, I get ready for work

I think the thing that I am struggling most with right now is the getting B to sleep.  If I could get him down at 7:30 PM for the night then I would have some time to do things like make dinner, pack my lunch, wash bottles/pump parts, do laundry, and iron my clothes for the next day so that I could go to bed at a reasonable hour.

I bought a Graco sound machine, which I really like, but don't think it helps much.  I also have the Tranquil Turtle, which I also like, but doesn't really help either.  Our room has good ventilation.  We have a ceiling fan, air purifier and central AC.  We use the Miracle Blanket, which he has started to bust out of.  We have tried weaning him from a swaddle at night, but he won't sleep at all.  I know we need to start weaning again though because I have a feeling he will be rolling over soon. 

One other wild card is the fact that he also has suspected mild acid reflux and a suspected MSPI (milk/soy protein intolerance).  He has never been tested and formally diagnosed.  He is on baby Zantac twice a day plus I am dairy and soy free (the joy).  He spits up a lot, but not usually at night.  I am not sure if this is another reason why he has trouble?

Does anyone have good advice on how to get a baby to sleep easier or is this just a phase that he will grow out of?  It isn't even the night waking that is the biggest issue, it is the struggle with getting him to sleep.  At first I was thinking growth spurt, but now that this has gone on for over a week, I am thinking not so much.

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4 Responses to “14 week sleep regression”

  1. we had a very similar thing
    same age it lasted about 2 weeks.

    not so magical perfect solutions for us was moving to nursery and itching to sleep diapers. this comment doesn't really do justice to the struggle but I'm pumping and I don't have much time. Sorry about the format I hate posting from my phone

  2. Nyquil? ;)

    My mom just gave us the Tranquil Turtle, very cute.

  3. Ugh that's so frustrating...with Nora I did one of the cry it out book methods ( gasp)...but it worked. Two bad nights tough on me and her but then it was smooth sailing....I feel for ya though, that's tough....:(
    And I didn't get to comment on your last post but please don't leave your blog!!!!

  4. My friend recently went through this same thing and started supplementing with a formula bottle at night. Turned out the boy was just super hungry. Once he had that one supplemented bottle (the rest of the time he breastfed), he began sleeping through the night again.