Group therapy session #2

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yesterday was a much better day than the previous day.  I went to acupuncture at lunch and felt so incredibly relaxed afterwards.  I guess I should thank my husband for encouraging me to stick with it.  :-)

After work I headed straight to my group therapy session.  I was able to meet my "buddy" for the first time in person, though we had conversed over email already.  She is quite a few years older than me, but still seemed really upbeat about things even though her situation seems much more daunting than mine at this point in time. 

We spent the first part of session "spilling our guts".  A few girls came forward with personal stories about how infertility was constantly affecting their lives (waves hand).  Tissues were passed around.  I didn't speak, but listened today.  I wasn't really in a sharing mood at that point.

After our conversation the leader turned down the lights and we did some guided relaxation.  I was very skeptical at first and my mind kept wandering, but after a few minutes of feeling my breath and relaxing the mentioned parts of my body, I became deeply relaxed.  It was almost as good of a feeling as I get after acupuncture.

Once the relaxation exercise was complete, we split up into groups and did a listening exercise.  Each person would talk for 4 minutes straight without being interrupted.  The one-sided conversation consisted of each of us talking about the relaxation techniques we had used the previous week, but then switched to talking about our cycles and where we were in this "journey".  It was so awesome talking to two girls who totally understood everything I was saying!

As a closing exercise, we did some mini-relaxations.  The group leader encouraged us to try one longer relaxation every day and as many mini-relaxations as we could fit in.  I would encourage everyone to try this!  It only takes a few minutes and makes you feel more relaxed and less anxious immediately.

Try to find a quite place.
Sit down.
Close your eyes.
Put your hand on your stomach.
Take in one full, deep inhalation through your nose.
Take one full, deep exhalation through your mouth.
Focus only on your breath and let thoughts that come into your mind be released.
Count each inhale/exhale as one set and do four sets.
Then count backwards and do four more sets (total of 8 sets of inhalations/exhalations).

In other news, I am on cd 13...waiting to ovulate.  Yesterday I tried to take an ovulation test at work.  I used the Wondfo wrapper as a cup (a little tip someone provided on FF)...what a mess, but it worked.  No positive opk yet for me though.  Hoping for one tonight or tomorrow!!  I think the Mucinex is working though.  I seem to already have more CM than last cycle!

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4 Responses to “Group therapy session #2”

  1. Wow that Group Therapy sounds good! And acupuncture. I'm considering doing that also but we'll see how this cycle goes.

    Good luck for this cycle! :) And catch that little eggy.

  2. The therapy group sounds amazing. Having real life people to talk to and a space to do it in...sweet. I could use that. I will try the relaxations, thanks!

  3. I just found your blog through a friend who went through RPL. I am currently going through my fourth loss. I had a 6-7 week loss in '08, a chemical in Feb of this year, a chemical in April of this year, and as we speak I am sitting here, 8w3d pregnant with a baby with no hearbeat (measured at 8 weeks on Monday). Although this is the furthest I've gotten with any pregnancy, and was so sad to see the little inert embryo on the ultrasound screen, my first loss was by far the worst of them all because I was completely uprepared. Hubby and I are going to wait for the loss to happen naturally, wait a cycle (and in the meantime have our day 3 bloodwork and day 12 hsg test done), and hop right back on the TTC bandwagon. I am so glad your blog exists and I'm thinking about starting my own. We'll see. I'll be around in these comments :)

    1. Melina- I am so sorry to hear that you are going through similar circumstances as me. I am glad that you found me though. Have you gotten a any testing done to see what might be causing you to miscarry? I would love to stay in touch so feel free to email me and definitely let me know if you start your own blog. I would definitely be following you. Hugs