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Friday, July 6, 2012

It is official.  Femara cycle #2 was a bust.  Apparently 8 days in a row of having sex while taking meds to help improve ovulation does NOT equal a baby.

I woke up yesterday to a much lower temp.  I had serious cramps and some lower back pain on Wednesday so I knew I was going to get my period, it was just a matter of when.  Last month I had days and days of cramps until AF decided to show up.  This month I had less warning.

We went to the beach with some of the very few single friends that we have left that also don't have kids.  My cramps had subsided and it was only 14 dpo so I figured I had until at least today before I would get my period.  WRONG!  I took a long trek to the bathrooms because, as usual, I had to pee and hate going in the ocean...yuck.  Bang, there she was.  Luckily I caught it before too much bathing suit damage was done.  Only problem was that I didn't have a tampon.  Luckily my husband had made a purchase at the snack bar so I was able to snag a quarter from him to buy one in the ladies room.  Then it was just my luck that as I was coming out of the bathroom stall with proof that we DID NOT MAKE A BABY this month, an 8 month pregnant women ran right into me.  That was seriously the only pregnant woman I saw on the beach yesterday.  WTF?!

Now on to a few things about this failed cycle...

1.  I ovulated one day earlier this cycle, up to 16.  I have now ovulated up to 11 days earlier than in my previous cycles.

2.  I had a 13 day LP this cycle.  I thought that LPs were supposed to remain consistent from cycle to cycle.  Mine have been 11, 12, 15, 13.  Not consistent at all.

3.  This past cycle was 29 days.  This is compared to my longest of 42 days back in October.

4.  This is the longest that I have gone without being pregnant in quite some time.  I have always gotten pregnant on the first try every time for 3 pregnancies.  Now I have gone 3 cycles without getting pregnant.

5.  I am not sure what went wrong this cycle?  Was it being sick right around O?  Was it lack of CM?  Was it the heat?  All of that money towards acupuncture and eating an entire pineapple didn't work.  What gives?

6.  The only silver lining that I see here is that, because I did not get pregnant on this cycle, I can stay enrolled in the group therapy sessions.  Apparently, if you get pregnant while in the program you can stay, but if you were to get pregnant before the start of the program then you were not allowed to join.  I need this program pregnant or not so luckily now I can still go.  Thankfully my first session is Monday.  

I am now on cd 2.  It seems like there are quite a few other ladies in the same boat with me who have just gotten AF.  Ladies, let's hope that this month is successful for us!

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8 Responses to “On to the next one”

  1. I'm sorry ... it's so frustrating, I know, especially when you did everything "right." And having the big pregnant lady just outside the bathroom after finding out your period has arrived is just cruel. I'm glad though that you can stay in your program - it would have been a shame to miss it, even for a happy reason.

  2. I'm out too, hello cycle day 1. I am so sorry that a pregnant woman ran into you, ugh that would have been the icing on my crap cake for sure. It's hard that we never know what goes wrong. They funny part of that is that when it does go right we don't know why either but we don't care as much. Hopeing hopeing hopeing, that this cycle goes right for us and even more hope that the positives result healthy babies.

  3. Hey there, thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry Cycle 2 with Femara was a bust! :( I am super encouraged to read that your O moved up - I too have had some long cycles recently, my longest being 42 days as well. I look forward to following your journey! Best wishes! :-)

  4. I'm sorry, it is so frustrating when everything seems right on paper. Hope your group course goes well, be interested to hear what it's like!

  5. I'm so sorry your cycle is a bust. What an inopportune time for AF to show up, too.

    I did infertility group therapy last year and met some great people. Hope yours goes well!

  6. Did you do did you do anything differently other than the Femera to o sooner? This is my longest ever day 28. Once they got me to ovulate, I also have gotten pregnant on the first time except for now. My ute is probably so pissed off at me!

    1. I am still taking B6 which is supposed to lengthen your LP and potentially help to regulate your cycle, but other than that nothing different. I am thinking about calling my RE to see if it doesn't work out this next cycle if I can be monitored more closely. I feel like I have fixed one problem only to create another...what gives?!

  7. The only silver lining for me was that I could start having a cold beer on these HOT days. Oh and that the 2WW was FINALLY over. The waiting was driving me insane.