No change

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My appointment yesterday was a little bit frustrating.  No change from last week, unfortunately.  I am still about 3cm, 50% effaced, baby is at 0 station.  The doctor was pretty surprised to see me at my appointment as he thought there was a good chance I would have given birth last week.

My BPP was good.  The baby was a little stubborn and didn't practice his breathing until the very end of the scan.  He was moving all over the place as usual though.  I joked with my husband..."Why does he need to practice his breathing since it seems like he is going to stay in my uterus forever?!"  He ended up with an 8/8.  My fluid is still high-normal.

The growth scan scared the crap out of me, once again.  So, two weeks ago he was measuring right about 50%.  Yesterday he was back up to measuring 75% and about 8lb 7oz.  The ultrasound tech told me to take it with a grain of salt though because when the quarters get so tight, it is very hard to measure the baby.  My doctor agreed with the tech and told me that he thought the baby would be closer to 8 lb.  Aye aye aye.

I have an induction tentatively scheduled for 4/18 (if it comes to that) due to the GD.  The doctor doesn't want me to go much past 40 weeks although he also doesn't want to induce me either.  I am hoping that baby decides to come on his own before then.

I am feeling really ready to meet this guy.  Last night was my worst night of sleep yet.  I slept maybe a total of 5 hours total and woke up every hour, on the hour.  My hips and shoulders were killing me.  Plus, I get so hot at night now and sweat.  Totally gross!  My legs/ankles/feet are really swollen, which is surprising given my bp from yesterday was 112/70.  I guess swelling at this point is just normal.

Yesterday I went for 3 walks.  I'll probably go for another walk today.  My husband and I tried having sex the other night to see if we could speed things up and that was just comical.  I laughed the whole time because it was so hard for me to maneuver.  I am not sure how people continue with an active sex life all 40 weeks of pregnancy.  During the first trimester I was too scared and felt sick.  During the second trimester I just felt unattractive and had zero sex-drive.  During this trimester, I have my sex-drive back, but I just feel huge and uncomfortable.  My husband has been a good sport though.  :)

I'll report back if anything changes.  Right now it is seeming like I'll go past my due date which is Friday.  I'll keep you posted!

One a completely unrelated note, I saw this on NBC Nightly News on Sunday and thought I would share it.  It was such a nice story and I cried (of course).  I thought you ladies might appreciate it if you have not seen it.  I want to give this woman the biggest hug.  She definitely gives me inspiration for a career switch in my future.

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4 Responses to “No change”

  1. I'm hoping you meet that baby soon!!!!

  2. I hope that baby comes soon! Primarily so you can eat a piece of cake!

  3. I hope that baby gets a move on for you soon!