Friday, April 5, 2013

I should be used to this by now, right?  I have done a lot of waiting over the past 2 years.  Waiting to get pregnant.  Waiting to get an ultrasound.  Waiting to miscarry.  Waiting to TTC again.  Waiting to ovulate.  Waiting to test.  Waiting to get blood tests.  Waiting to see a RE.  Waiting to start treatment.  Waiting for more test results.  Waiting for more blood tests and ultrasounds.  Waiting for follow-up ultrasounds.  Waiting for NT scan.  Waiting for anatomy scan.  Waiting for viability weeks.  Waiting for 30 weeks.  Waiting to be full term...  The list goes on and on.  I know that some people have to wait a lot longer than this for everything, and I give them all the more credit.  Waiting is tough.

Right now I am waiting to have this baby.  I am 39 weeks.  After my appointment on Monday, I kind of convinced myself that I would get to meet this little guy this week.  Well, it is looking like that is not going to happen.  He seems rather content to stay in there for who knows how long.  I have tried walking.  I am drinking red raspberry tea right now.  Everyone is telling me to try sex, but honestly that doesn't sound like a whole heap of fun right now given my circumference.  I am not sure how logistically it would work.  I might get desperate and give it a try this weekend.  My poor husband!

The doctor wants me to monitor for consistent movement and that is driving me crazy.  I am sort of obsessed with making sure he is moving enough.  He'll be really active at certain times and then quiet at other times and I honestly want to break out the Doppler.  Usually if I give him a little push, he'll kick me back.  It will be nice when I can see him and see that he is alive rather than relying on his kicks.  He seems to sleep when I sleep for the most part.  He is very active mid-morning and after dinner, sometimes to the point where his jabs cause me some pain.  I am wondering if this is how he will be out of the womb, too (minus the causing me pain part, haha)?

I am having trouble getting around.  My stomach is stretched to the max.  I actually have several stretch marks on my belly right now, which I really thought I was going to be able to avoid due to the fact that my mom never got any and the fact that I have gone through hundreds of dollars worth of B.io O.il in the past few months.  No dice!  M.ederma here I come.

I am pretty uncomfortable right now, but I guess it isn't as bad as I thought it would be so I really can't complain.  While I have not been sleeping for long stretches, I don't have any trouble falling asleep.  Even when I get up 5 times a night, I am always able to change positions and fall back to sleep with no issue.  I also don't have any problem napping at any time.  I know, I know I should nap as much as possible now because I won't be sleeping for several months.

I am also pretty done with the diabetes.  I am seriously hoping that my body decides to go back to normal after I give birth.  I can't imagine managing a baby, breastfeeding, and managing diabetes.  I know people do it all the time, but ugh.  Not a happy thought.  My numbers have been pretty kick ass though.  My fastings have been in the 70s/80s consistently (granted I am still on 12 units of NPH at night).  I can honestly say that I am sick of yogurt, string cheese, and peanut butter, though.

My next appointment is Monday.  I have a BPP and growth scan (I think).  I am thinking of asking to have my membranes stripped (thanks, Melis :-).  I am not sure that would help me, but it is worth a try, right?

To pass some time, I taught myself to crochet by watching Y.ouT.ube videos.  I made this little guy a hat to wear home from the hospital.  I will admit that it took me 3 days of starting and ripping out stitches to get it the correct size.  The first one I made ended up fitting me.  Haha.

Can't wait to put this on his little head!

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3 Responses to “Waiting”

  1. You are so close! I am so excited to hear about the moment you meet your little one. Thinking of you so much. I'm sure these days right before delivery are the most difficult and uncomfortable. Sending many many thoughts your way!!!!

  2. 39 weeks...wow! Seems like just yesterday you got your BFP! You're almost there. Can't wait!!!

  3. I hope Baby Boy gets the show on the road for you soon!