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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I had my second acupuncture session today.  It was less eventful than my first one, but still quite relaxing.  The acupuncturist asked how I was feeling and I told him that I was actually sleeping better after 2 weeks of insomnia and that I had a one day earlier ovulation.  He asked what the day was and when I told him 26, he shook his head in disapproval.  No good I guess.  Hopefully he can fix that and fast.  Back to the session...I fell asleep deeply today and woke up abruptly when I felt myself sliding off the right side of the table (I wasn't actually sliding off the table though because it was flat.  So weird!).  Afterwards I floated on my commute home feeling very relaxed and trying not to pay attention to the throngs of pregnant women I was seeing.  Seriously 9 out of 10 women I saw on my commute home were 8 months pregnant.

My first session was very interesting.  I got to the office after getting seriously lost for about 20 minutes so as you can imagine, I was kind of flustered and very late.  The acupuncturist gave me a long questionnaire to fill out.  The questions were not the typical ones that you would see at a western medicine office.  They included things like color/consistency of AF, color of your urine, and color and consistency of your BMs.  Other questions like are you normally hot or cold and are you usually thirsty were also on there.  I tired to be as truthful as possible, but come on, color and consistency of your BM?!

After completing the questionnaire, the acupuncturist looked it over.  He then took me back into a small room and looked at my tongue and felt my pulse.  He asked me a few more questions about my cycles and losses and told me about a 40 year old woman with 6 recurrent losses that he was able to help get and keep pregnant.  He then told me to lay down on the table and he stuck in the needles...i in my head, one on each hand, one on my stomach, and one in each lower leg.  He then turned on some soothing Chinese music turned the lights out and told me to relax.  I was able to relax fairly quickly and I drifted off to sleep several times and had really trippy dreams.  They were almost like mild hallucinations with weird shapes and patterns floating at me.  Very interesting indeed.

When the session was over, the acupuncturist gave me a laundry list of things that I was not to consume and not to do.  They included:

  • coffee of any kind (including decaf, which I had been drinking since kicking my caffeine addiction last June)
  • alcohol (which is the only good thing about not being pregnant)
  • anything spicy (I am addicted to Frank's Red Hot)
  • anything greasy (this one isn't too tough for me, but lately I have been craving tater tots)
  • no refined sugar (I didn't think this would be hard since I prefer salty to sweet, but I miss my Chubby Hubby)
  • no chicken (unless organic, which I try to eat anyways)
  • only room temperature beverages (try asking for a seltzer with no ice, terribly ridiculous)
  • no TTC for 2 cycles.
He told me to continue:
  • eating lots of veggies (I eat a bag of assorted veggies daily along with many a meal=salad)
  • eating lots of fruit (I love fruit)
  • exercising, but moderately (I run several miles a week, but used to run upwards of 35-40 miles a week)
  • yoga/meditation for relaxation (Even though I have not been in a week, I have been practicing Hatha yoga)
Then came the payment...$90 for the first session and $75 for each subsequent.  Man talk about expensive.  I am keeping my visits to every other week at this point.  I really hope this helps me.

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