Waiting for cross-hairs when nothing is at stake

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Anyone that uses Fertility Friend (FF) knows that it can be very nerve wracking to wait for cross-hairs to be added to your chart (a line that shows you when you ovulated and what your coverline is).  When you are TTC the stakes are high because perfectly timed BD is so important.  Finding out when you ovulated after you ovulated makes things even more difficult!  When you aren't actively TTC, it pretty much sucks waiting for cross-hairs.  The only thing I have to look forward to is AF.  Booooo!

For the past several months I have been using a combination of OPKs, daily 4:30 AM BBT readings, CM checking, etc.  The combination of these tools has been obviously pretty effective in telling me when I ovulate.  The problem for me is not determining ovulation, but the waiting.  Since my cycles are anywhere from 35-41 days I have to wait until around day 27 to ovulate.  Most people get AF on day 28.  How annoying.  Then I have to wait around 11-12 days to get AF. So I have a long cycle, late ovulation, and a short luteal phase.  I am constantly wondering if this has been a factor in my M/C.  :(

This month (my post M/C D&C cycle) I got a positive OPK on day 25, a big temp dip the next day, followed by 2 days of higher temps.  I am hoping for a higher temp tomorrow so that FF will give me cross-hairs on the 26 and I can move on to my next cycle.  I am actually surprised that I got a positive OPK as normal this cycle since I was getting positive PG tests 2 weeks after surgery.  I guess I'll have more news tomorrow.

On a side note, I am so happy to hear that Giuliana Rancic is going to be a mom in a few months!  I have been following her story for a while.  She has amazing courage to be able to smile and be positive after dealing with infertility, miscarriage, and cancer.  She helps me to think more positively in my own life and stop feeling like a victim.  Yay Giuliana!!

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One Response to “Waiting for cross-hairs when nothing is at stake”

  1. Ahhh I love/hate waiting for FF to add the crosshairs! Even when I'm certain that I ovulated, those next few days are so harrowing!