Six years later

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dear Dad,

I can't believe that it has been six years since you left this world.  I never thought that the last time that I would see you would be at the airport as you saw me off on my flight back home.  I never thought that would be my last hug from you.  I never thought that the email that you sent me with pictures from C's play would be my last email from you.  I sadly, don't remember my last phone conversation with you.

I think that you you would be proud of your family.  We are all doing well, but still feel a missing presence at each holiday and special occasion.  I miss talking to you about work and how much it frustrated me.  I miss your dry and sarcastic humor.  I miss talking computers.  I miss your black jeans and Carolina Panthers sweatshirt.

You would be interested to know that Bill Belichick now coaches the Patriots and the Browns still suck.  There are now computers that have touch screens called iPads.  I also have a Mac instead of a PC.  :-o  Windows 7 is finally out and I am using it at work.  Rush Limbaugh has gotten himself into a heap of trouble by spouting his mouth off.  Howard Stern still does his show, but it is on Sirius radio and he only works 3 days a week.  We have a Democrat as president again, and yes, I voted for him.

In each year that passes since you went away, I have missed sharing events in my life with you.  When I finally got a new job making a decent salary, I didn't have you there to pat me on the back.  When I got engaged after many years of dating, mom was the first person I called, but it was sad not being able to tell you too.  When R and I bought out first house, you weren't there to see it.  When I got married, you were not there to walk me down the isle.  When I lost three babies, you were not there to comfort me and help me through the pain.

I know that you were not a religious person, and frankly, I can't say that I am much of a believer these days, either.  I do hope that your are in a better place though.  I imagine that you are in Heaven (or somewhere like it) attending to my little angels.  Thank you for taking care of them for me since I cannot.

One last your funeral, six years ago.  I took a plant with me that had one white flower.  I vowed, that even though I have a black thumb, that I would keep it alive.  I have kept my word and the plant is doing so well.  Right now it has 3 flowers on it.  Every time I look at it, I think about you.

I love you and miss you,


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One Response to “Six years later”

  1. That was so beautiful. Dad is totally proud of all of us and definitely you. YOu are so amazing and I am so impressed by how you have gotten through so many of your trials. I love you! Stay strong!