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Monday, November 12, 2012

BOY!  I was right and so was the ultrasound tech that did our NT scan several weeks back.  :-)

More importantly, the scan went great and the baby is looking healthy.  He cooperated (for the most part) and let the tech take all of the pics she needed to get.  He is definitely stubborn though and does not like to give profile shots...haha.  His heart, brain, arms, legs measured perfectly, though.  We saw his lips and nostrils and his 5 fingers and toes.  So incredibly amazing, this little guy.  We are so thankful for this miracle baby boy.

If you know us IRL (in real life) please don't say anything to anyone else regarding the sex.  We have a fun surprise planned for a few weeks from now so we would like to keep things a secret until then.  Thank you!!

The only not so great news to come out of the appointment today was that (TMI, sorry), I have a yeast infection.  Yuck.  Honestly though, I will take a yeast infection for a healthy baby ANY DAY.  I got back in a month for my next follow-up.

A special good luck to all my favorite bloggie girls going for ultrasounds tomorrow.  I am wishing you all the very best!!

I added some new pics if you are interested!  Scroll all the way down to the bottom.

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11 Responses to “It's a...”

  1. EEEEEppppp!!! So happy for you!!!

  2. Yay! This is such amazing news! Congrats!

  3. A boy -- how wonderful! Congratulations, friend. I'm so incredibly happy for you!

  4. Congrats on your healthy baby boy! I'm having a boy in May. So glad we got our rainbows.

  5. Oh I am so happy. I have been holding my breath for the good news for you. A BOY! He is going to be darling and so much fun. Oh those pictures are perfect! His little foot! You are looking great too! Congratulations.

  6. Oh yes! This is such awesome news!

  7. Amazing news and gorgeous photos! You both must be feeling absolutely elated! Alix xx

  8. Congratulations!! This is so exciting :)

  9. Yay for healthy, yay for boy! Just looked at your pics - he's gorgeous, and so are you, especially in your Lululemon! Gosh I love that shop.

  10. CONGRATS!!! So exciting!!! :-) Little boys are awesome. Mine is 8 and the one in the oven is a boy too. We so wanted a girl but after the initial "dang I just knew it was a girl" stuff wore off I am soooo thrilled. Boys are easy they say and I have to agree so far lol. Woohoo!! Congrats!!!