Spotting and a few too many Christmas cookies

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

As I mentioned earlier, this past (extended) weekend was my crazy cookie making weekend.  This was also combined with registering at B.abies R Us on Saturday with my awesome friend who drove several hours to give me some amazing seasoned advice (if you are reading this...thank you again!!).  The whole registering process only took us 2 hours.  

Back to the cookies...  After registering on Saturday I got home around 5 PM and made 4 different types of doughs.  On Sunday, I took the dog for a 3 mile walk, went to the grocery store, made several more doughs and then started some baking and candy making.  I called it a night around 9 PM when my eyes started shutting.  Yesterday, I spent all day from 8 AM-9 PM in the kitchen.  Baking, candy making, frosting, and decorating.  Not to mention that I also put together 12 gift bags, with cookie lists and bows, for my colleagues and friends.  I also made up a few larger boxes for my husband and I to take to work and for my family members.

My feet were throbbing, my back was aching, and I was just generally exhausted last night.  I took a shower, which helped a little and was getting ready to wind down and turn in when I noticed some brown discharge/blood when I wiped.  Of course, I immediately freaked out.  I have not had any type of spotting during this pregnancy and I was happy about that.  Shit.

Of course I G.oogled.  To my surprise, I found mostly benign things related to my minor episode so I relaxed a little.  I did get out the Doppler and found my little guy with no problem.  I also could feel him kicking, so that helped, too.  I drank some water and went to bed.

This morning I woke up to no more brown on the toilet paper.  I felt a little bit better, but I am still going to call the doctor at 8 AM when then open.  I am guessing that they will want me to come in, but I guess I'll see for sure in a few minutes.  I am thinking i over-did it the past few days.  I am so tired and last night I really didn't sleep well.  We are going away this weekend, too, so the holiday hustle and bustle continues.  We have a Christmas tree, but have been too busy to even decorate it.

UPDATE: Called and talked to the nurse who said that since I am A Positive and it is brown and I have no pain that they are not concerned.  They said to call if anything changes (i.e. the blood changes to red or pink or I start having pain) and to take it easy.  Easier said than done!

Double-chocolate cookie bars.

My counter, taken over by Tupperware containers.

The finished project.

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13 Responses to “Spotting and a few too many Christmas cookies”

  1. Those cookies look amazing!! Sorry about the spotting scare! Sounds like things are ok but sending extra throughts your way!!

  2. Sorry to hear about the spotting - it is very scary I know! Cookies look delish! I wish I had the motivation to learn how to bake...maybe one day!

  3. Drooling over your cookies - you're awesome!

    Sorry about the spotting. Even if it's "nothing to worry about," it's still discomforting. I'm glad you had the Doppler on hand to give you some peace of mind right away.

  4. Oh, this makes me sooooo hungry! Delicious looking goodies!

  5. Scary about the spotting. It seems like you are handling it really well. It is definitely nice to have some reassurance from the doppler and the little guy squirming around in there. I am so glad it is nothing. I wonder what blood type has to do with it.....?

    You really are awesome! Nice baking lady!

  6. So sorry about the spotting. Im glad it stopped! Wishing you the best!

    PS. Do you know how much money I would pay to be on your cookie mailing list? ;)

  7. I spent all weekend baking, too, and I'm so tired. Not sure how you did it while pregnant! And I'm so sorry about the spotting. I imagine how frightening that must have been, but I'm so glad to hear that it's probably nothing to worry about. Take care!

  8. Friend, I am so sorry about the spotting scare. Also, I wish I was your neighbor and/or coworker. In a world with a flagging sense of community, I love to hear about people that extend themselves for others.

  9. OMgosh... so sorry about that spotting. Take it easy woman! Wow.... I wish I could go on a 3 mile walk. LOL

    Any chance you can pass on the recipe to that cookie bar?

    1. Best recipe...EVER!

      I added more cookies than they called for (a few shy of the whole pack) and i accidentally added the 2 full cups of chocolate chips to the condensed milk mixture (plus some for the top). Amazingly amazing!

  10. Sorry to hear about the spotting. But it sounds like your body was just telling you to slow down. Goodness, that is A LOT of cookies...jealous. They all look so good!

  11. Those look so so good! Take it easy the next few days!