Friday, January 4, 2013

I normally don't watch random shows on FOX, but last night after a full day of painting in pain, I decided to relax and watch some TV.  The only thing that was on was this new show called "Mobbed", a Howie Mandel venture.  The premise of the show was to create a flash mob so that one person could relay a major message to someone else.

The first one that I saw (haha, yes I watched it for almost 2 full hours) showed a woman who had been dating a guy for 4 1/2 years was going create a flash mob and deliver an ultimatum to him...marry her right then and there or she was going to leave him forever.  The show was decidedly uncomfortable to watch.  I was really thinking the guy was going to say no for sure, but instead he said yes and they got married right there in the midst of the ridiculous flash mob.  

When the next episode came on, I was ready to change the channel, until I heard what the show was going to be about.  A coupe that had been married for 10 years had been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby for 5 of those years.  After going through fertility treatments, the woman was finally 12 weeks pregnant.  She wanted to announce to her husband that she was pregnant in a flash mob kind of way.  

It was at this point that my husband came in and started watching.  He thought it was ridiculous that this woman wanted to use a flash mob to relay such an important message, as did I, but we both got sucked in.

I won't ruin the show in case you want to watch, but I will say that even though I think flash mobs are stupid and annoying, this one wasn't for some reason.  When the nervous woman revealed the secret to her husband, I saw the guy's face light up.  I could feel their happiness and a tear or two tricked down my cheek.  It was so wonderful, flash mob aside.  

At the very end of the program, they showed some clips of the baby being born.  They showed the woman and man with the baby in the hospital.  They then showed a few pictures of the baby when she had grown up a bit.  It was then that the water works started.  It was impossible for me not to cry because I know how hard they worked for that miracle baby, who was super cute by-the-way.  My husband was commenting and looked over and saw me crying and then he started crying and came over and gave me a hug.  We are two of a kind.  I think we just both understand how much they wanted to be parents and could totally relate to their happiness.  I think we are both still in shock that I am 26 weeks pregnant.    

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2 Responses to “Mobbed”

  1. I've seen that show, but not that particular episode! Now I want to see! 26 weeks......wowza!

  2. Sounds like an interesting show. Will have to check it out!