When it rains it pours

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The past week or so has not been one of the greatest on record for me, so I apologize in advance for this post because it is a rant with lots of whining.  It started with me coming down with shingles (or not...I'll get to that), then me coming down with a horrendous head cold that I can't seem to get rid of, to my last MFM appointment yesterday.

Last Thursday, I had an appointment with my PCP to diagnose the weird rash on my neck that I had since NYE.  She was fairly certain that is was shingles so she put me on A.cyclovir (5 times a day for 10 days) and also on an antibacterial ointment, M.upirocin (3 times a day), in case I had impetigo or another related infection.  She also did a viral and bacterial culture on it to be sure of the diagnosis.

Yesterday morning I got a call from her office telling me that both of my cultures came back negative. The nurse said that the doctor was still fairly confident that it was shingles and I just didn't have a raging case and to continue taking the meds until they run out.  She also said I should continue the ointment, as well.  Lovely.

Now on to the head cold.  This started on Friday.  In the matter of a few minutes I went from feeling fine to feeling like I had to sneeze to being all stuffy.  I went out and bought B.reathe R.ight strips, a humidifier, and V.icks V.apo R.ub.  I know that they say you can take T.ylenol C.old during pregnancy, but I am already on so many other meds that I don't want to take anything else.  I have not slept more than an hour at a time since Thursday night.  I missed work Monday and today.  I feel like total crap.

Next I'll discuss the MFM appointment.  The ultrasound went great.  In fact, they used me and my little boy in a teaching demonstration.  His heart, brain, arms, legs, spine, kidneys all looked great.  He measured in the 63 percentile (~2.5 lbs) with a HB of 155.  Here is a pic of him (scroll to the very bottom).

After the ultrasound I went to the MFM office.  They checked my blood pressure and of course it was high as it usually is in their office, 133/66.  My weight was 139, which was better than I thought.  So I am up 19 lbs.  Then they gave me the orange drink for the 1 hour GTT and I chugged it in under 2 minutes.  Totally gross and more sugar that I have had in quite some time.

I saw the doctor and he was happy with the ultrasound and everything else.  He checked my rash and concurred that it was most likely shingles.  He explained that if it is a low level infection that your body is already fighting successfully that the culture could very easily come back negative.  He told me to continue the meds.  He said he didn't need to see me for another month and that was that.  I then peed in a cup (as per usual) and once the hour was up I got my blood drawn.

This morning I had a message telling me that I (quite miserably) failed my 1 hour GTT and to call and schedule a 3 hour test.  

GTT Screen (GLT): 163 (Normal Range = 54 to 139): OUT OF RANGE

After another night of no sleep and another day of calling in sick to work this was just too much for me to handle.  I called my mom and sobbed to her.  Half the time she couldn't tell what I was saying.  I was embarrassed and upset.  I eat so healthy 99% of the time.  I don't drink soda, ever.  I NEVER eat fast food.  I eat so little processed food and what I do eat that is some what processed is usually organic.  I eat a very high fiber cereal at breakfast.  I eat lots of fruits and veggies and I was of a healthy weight when I got pregnant.  Up until I got sick I have been exercising 4-5 times a week with 2-3 mile walks and some light weight-lifting.

I seriously feel like a failure.  What did I do wrong?  I called the nurse to set up my 3 hour test and they forced me to schedule an appointment with the nutritionist as well.  She told me to stay away from food products where the first ingredient ends is "ose" and simple carbs and to "start eating healthier".  I started crying on the phone with her because I already do that.  My friends make fun of me because I eat so healthy.

I told her that I already eat healthy and exercise and that I haven't gained an obscene amount of weight.  I think she felt bad for me because she could hear how congested and nasally I was.  She told me that she sees 300 lb women pass the test with flying colors and 90 lb vegetarians fail miserably.  She said it doesn't have to do with weight, but how your body handles sugar during pregnancy.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  That didn't really make me feel better.

So now I have to further restrict what I eat.  No more cereal or wheat crackers for me.  Back to the lovely world of constipation.

I have spent my day feeling down and miserable.  This cold is kicking my ass and now I have to worry about diabetes, too.  How is it that some women get pregnant by sneezing, share their wet pee-stick with their 5,000 FB friends, buy nursery furniture before 12 weeks, eat McD.onalds every day, don't exercise, and have completely healthy babies (over and over and over again).  Then others have a hard time getting pregnant and have problem after problem during their pregnancy?  It isn't fair.

Sorry for the vent and kudos to you if you read this whole thing.  I am not feeling great today.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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16 Responses to “When it rains it pours ”

  1. I'm sorry, sweetie! If it's any consolation, from what I've heard a lot of women fail the one hour test and pass the three hour one with flying colors. My SIL failed the one hour all four times she's been pregnant but passed the three hour one with no trouble. I hope this is the case with you!

    1. Thank you for sharing that story. I really hope that is the case with me, too.

  2. Ugh, love, that does blow. That would make me grumpy too. :(

    And I'm suuuuure as unfair as it is the nurse is right - it's got nothing to do with how you're eating or how healthy you are (obviously in that department you are kicking ass and taking names) but just your pancreas' particular tolerance level during pregnancy.

    Hope everything clears up soon!

  3. I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling so rotten. That is an awful lot to deal with at once. Out of interest, did they explain how to prepare for the GTT? Mine is tomorrow morning and I was instructed to follow a high carb diet for 3 days (with a list of specific things I have to eat ) before the test to prepare my body for the 75ml sugar concoction and ensure an accurate test result. Apparently if your body is not used to the sugar rush, you can get a false positive result...also my OB warned me that GD is a hereditary, hormonal thing and has NOTHING to do with lifestyle. So, please don't torture yourself- you couldn't have approached this pregnancy in a healthier way. I hope you feel better soon, my dear. It's the home straight now and before you know if you will be holding that little boy in your arms. Sending you lots of love from a very sweaty Sydney (42 degrees yesterday!) alix xx

    1. Thanks Alix. I have been thinking about you and was going to email you (then I got sick). I hope you are doing well. No I didn't do anything to prep for this test. In fact I actually have eaten pretty low carb for the past few days come to think of it. I had spaghetti squash & homemade tomato sauce for dinner the previous night and lunch that day (before the test). Someone also told me that maybe my cold is affecting things? I don't know. Maybe I am overreacting and should wait to totally be upset until next Tuesday. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Good luck on your test tomorrow. Hope you pass easily!! Stay cool over there! xoxo

  4. I'm so sorry you are strugging right now. I wanted to let you know that I also failed my first gluclose test. I was also incredibly upset because my weight gain had been good and I was eating great (not as great as you, but still very good overall). Oddly, I passed my 3 hour no problems and my OB said it happens all the time. Hang in there.

    1. Thank you!! That makes me feel better. I really hope it was just a fluke thing. I am glad your 2nd test came normal. Did you do anything besides fast ahead of time?

  5. Oh man.. I am so sorry. I have had shingles too... I had a bad case because my mom got chicken pox while pregnant with me... so I skipped chicken pox and went straight to shingles at the ripe age of 5. I am so happy yours is mild. Sending good vibes your way for your next test.

  6. Man. I am so sorry you have such a slew of health problems. And, I am sorry about the blood test. I hope the second test comes back negative, which I heard of from a few mamas. You are so healthy!

  7. Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry. That really does suck and seem unfair. Just remember, though -- you may have failed the 1hr GTT for whatever reason, but it's still very possible you'll pass the 3 hr. And please don't blame yourself. This is NOT your fault. Not at all. It's just one more unfairness in life and you will get through it and you and baby WILL be okay! ~ hugs ~

  8. Sorry you have hit such a rough patch! Hope you feel better soon! I know lots of people who fail their 1 hr GDT and go on to pass the 3 hr with flying colours!

  9. From Melis-

    "Ugh! So sorry to hear what a rough time you are having lately :-( Just want to echo that it is ABSOLUTELY nothing you have done or are doing to cause any of this. It is just a crazy and atypical time for your body - you are growing a human being for crying out loud! Your body is sustaining life for 2, and the little guy is numero uno right now, so unfortunately you are receiving the short end of the stick. Keep hanging in there. You are doing an amazing job!

    P.S. Good luck with the 3 hour. I know of lots of people that failed the 1 hour and passed the 3, so fingers crossed that is the case for you too!"

  10. I feel your pain - to some extent. I am battling a raging cold that's turned into a sinus infection.
    As for failing that test... it's true. It's just how your body processes sugar. Has little to do with how or what you've eaten. And, I too, have heard about so many women failing the first test and passing it again. They need to make a better 1 hour test! GEEZ!
    I hear you about not wanting to take so much medicine. It's really a PITA and worrisome for me too.
    KMFX that you pass the 3 hour. GL!!!

  11. I'm so sorry. That really sucks especially with how diligent you have been about your diet! And singles, too...you poor thing! But glad to hear baby is doing well :)