A tale of two uteruses

Monday, February 4, 2013

Last week, my husband and I went on our "babymoon".  No where tropical.  Actually quite the opposite.  It was incredibly freezing and we didn't spend a ton of time outside.  We did get to see our favorite band perform, though, and they were awesome!  Besides seeing the concert, some of the highlights of the trip included: visiting some great coffee shops, doing some shopping for the baby, finding some awesome spots for low-carb and healthy food, working out every day, and taking mid-day naps because we could.  It was great to recharge.

I had been worried that my blood sugar would be hard to control while on the road, but actually it was great the whole time.  Most of my fastings were in the 80s.  I think the lower stress helped me out more than I thought it would.  Oh and I ate a lot of salad and fish.  :)

Another highlight of our trip was getting to see an old friend from college who lived in the area.  We met up with them for dinner on our last night there.  His wife is pregnant and due in the beginning of May, so I figured that we would have a ton of stuff to talk about.  Pretty much their situation was exactly opposite of our's though.  It was difficult to relate so I asked a bunch of questions, but didn't really offer a ton of info.

You might not want to read this because of the incredible differences between "us" and "them".  It is crazy when I think about how two uteruses could be so different.  They got pregnant while on vacation on the first try with their first baby.  She commented that it was so much easier to get pregnant than she thought (it was hard not to cringe as she said this).  She was seeing a midwife (has not seen an OB) and has not had ANY ultrasounds or blood tests.  They also did not plan on getting ANY ultrasounds or blood tests.  They are planning a drug-free home birth.  She is flying for several hours after her 30th week.  The only thing that she had that didn't sound like a dream-come-true was hyperemesis gravidarum for several weeks.

Listening to the two of them talk about how easy everything was and how they really weren't prepared for the baby because everything was going so fast, was difficult to hear.  My husband and I kept exchanging glances back and forth.  They didn't really ask us a ton of questions and I was actually happy about that.  Other than telling them about my GD, because of my dietary restrictions, I didn't go into any of the issues.  I mean what does one say to someone else when they keep talking about how easy pregnancy was to achieve and sustain?  So much for having a lot in common to discuss.

On the way back to the hotel, my husband and I discussed our dinner conversations.  Neither of us could imagine going a whole pregnancy without any ultrasounds.  We also couldn't fathom how someone who had not had any ultrasounds or blood work done (an were having their first child) could be brave enough (or as my husband put it, "stupid enough") to have a home birth.  Part of me was really jealous, though.  I wish I had that sort of innocence and ignorance about pregnancy.  I'll never have that carefree joy.  I have come to accept this, but it always comes back up when I interact with people who have never had any issues.

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4 Responses to “A tale of two uteruses”

  1. I'm glad the two of you were able to relax and enjoy your babymoon!!

  2. I always long for that sort of carefree pregnancy too. Some people seem to have it so easy. And what really makes me mad is that they take it for granted! But you know what a true gift your baby is and that's something to be thankful for.

  3. I'm glad to hear that you were able to get away! But I totally get what you're saying about the other couple. These kinds of things always hit me really hard, even though I am pregnant now. It's so hard to not feel jealous for those that have it that easy. They have no idea how hard it is when the tables are turned! And I definitely couldn't imagine not having any sort of testing or ultrasounds done!

  4. Ha. I see what you mean. Two uteruses - two worlds - indeed.

    Glad that you had a great babymoon otherwise!