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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ahhh I am so annoyed at myself that I am still thinking or caring about this situation, but I wanted to give a quick update.

This afternoon I was in talking to my boss, door open, when secretly-pregnant co-worker shows up in front of her office.  Her office has a window so I looked over and I could see that she was standing facing my office.  I finished my convo with my boss and then headed back to my office.  I looked over but secretly-pregnant co-worker avoided eye contact and went into her office and shut the door.  Two seconds later I hear my boss say "Congratulations!  Do you know what you are having?".  I could feel my face get hot and my blood beginning to boil.  Then I started to feel sad and upset, but I refused any tears in this situation, which is a first for me lately.

I thought maybe she might come over afterwards and tell me so I tried not to get too worked up.  They were in there chatting for no more than 5 minutes when the door opened and secretly-pregnant co-worker walked out without so much as a hello to me.

Wow, I was completely stunned.  I have no idea what is going on.  I sat at my desk for a minute and then went in to my bosses office and shut the door.  I have worked for her now for almost 10 years, so we have a pretty casual relationship which (I know might be borderline unprofessional), but usually includes some office gossip.

As soon as I went in and shut the door, she knew why I was there.  She smiled at me and I said to her, "I know".  She laughed and said she was surprised because she was over 16 weeks.  She said, "Did you know it is a girl?"  I said, no.  I then told her all about what had been happening and she was surprised that she still had not told me.  Apparently secretly-pregnant co-worker told my boss that she wasn't telling anyone else at work.  She said she would rather people ask her (?!?).  My boss commented that she looked terrible, though.  That kind of made me laugh because normally this girl is in the bathroom quite a bit, touching up her makeup and lately she has looked like she just rolled out of bed.

Ok I get not telling every entire person in the office that you are pregnant, but what about your friend(s)?  I didn't tell most people in the office, but I told my close co-workers and friends at work.  I am at a complete loss here.

I think that I am just going to have to step away from the situation.  I am not going to bring it up to her, in fact, I am going to completely ignore the fact that she looks pregnant.  I am NOT going to ask her, even though she looks incredibly pregnant.  I am not going to indulge her.  Call me bitchy, but I'm done with her.  If and when she does tell me, I am going to let her know that this has made me feel awful, though.  

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One Response to “Update to my last post”

  1. That is super weird of her. Taking self-centered/smug pregnant lady behavior to a whole new level!