No news is good news?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yesterday I had my regularly scheduled visit to MFM @ 30 weeks, 4 days.  No regular ultrasound, just got to see this little guy with the mini.  My blood pressure was better than usual at that place, 126/68 with the stupid automatic blood pressure taker that is always much higher than the manual one.  I can literally feel my blood pressure rising when I step into that building.  I tried a little meditation in the waiting room, but they had H.ouse H.unters on so it was tough for me to concentrate.  I am surprised it was so good.    

I had lost about half a pound since my last visit a month ago, right now I am still up about 20 lbs. total.  The doctor wasn't worried.  He said that it was the GD diet causing me to lose weight.  He said the baby is still gaining what he needs as long as I am eating healthy.  I am totally fine with that.  Less weight to lose after the baby gets here.  Thinking back, I was really afraid of gaining too much weight and now I am not worried about that at all.

The we took a peak at the baby with the hand-held ultrasound.  His head is still down (yay!).  His butt is lodged right against the front of my stomach.  Now I know why it is extra hard in that spot.  His heart was beating nicely and he had a good amount of amniotic fluid.  He doesn't like the ultrasound so he promptly kicked as soon as the wand went down.  He hates the Doppler, too.  I heard that if it gets close to their ear it sounds like a passing train.  Poor little guy, I don't blame him for kicking it out of the way.

After checking on the baby, the doctor asked to look at my blood sugar sheets that I have been filling out.  He wasn't concerned.  He said to keep tracking and that if I notice any recurring spikes to give them a call because I would most likely need insulin.  He also said that if I notice my levels going lower and lower to give them a call because that could mean impending labor and placental degradation.  Yikes, so much to worry about.  I guess I just hope to stay right where I am.  Here is a peak at my blood sugar levels over the past few days for those that are interested (I know I am always interested to see them from others now).  Keep in mind that I am having almost no carbs, so this is why they look so good.  If I so much as sniff a carb, I go above the limits.  Besides the fasting, the other numbers are 1 hour after meals.

Before I left, the doctor and I discussed a few things, including me getting the pertussis booster vaccination.  I am usually not really keen on vaccinations, but I have read a few things that might make me change my mind.  I may end up getting this at my next visit.  Vaccines during pregnancy still scare me.  The doctor also suggested that my husband get the flu vaccine.  Yeah right.  I don't think there is a chance in hell that he will do that since he is just anti-vaccine, in general.  

I scheduled my next appointment and growth ultrasound for 2 weeks out.  I'll be almost 33 weeks at that craziness.  

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2 Responses to “No news is good news?”

  1. Looking good! Keep up the awesome numbers. I'm so happy things are stabilizing for you and I hope you have smooth sailing from here on out.

  2. It is absolutely crazy that you are 30 weeks! Every other pregnancy seems to fly by!