Paleo Challenge Day #1

Thursday, January 2, 2014

So apparently my husband and I got it wrong and the challenge starts today and not yesterday.  We decided that we would keep the start as yesterday though because we are just that dedicated.  Haha.  Not really.  The day was half over when we figured out that it started today and we had already thrown out our leftover pizza from the night before.  :-)

I am going to split these posts up into sections: Food, Exercise, Life.  If you aren't interested in the food aspect of this then please skip to the end.  I hope you all had a very nice New Year's holiday!

1 cup heated frozen peaches (try it on a cold morning, so YUM!)
1 slice egg white frittata (from "Against All Grain" cookbook with: tomatoes, shredded sweet potato, onion, peppers, ground 93% lean ground turkey)
Black coffee

1 banana

Kale & spinach salad (with: 4oz grilled chicken, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, celery, olives, lemon juice/olive oil)

Apple with Almond Butter

Small cup almonds, macadamias, and cashews
3/4 cup sugar snap peas

Sea scallops sauteed in olive oil/chx broth (with bacon and Brussels sprouts)

Homemade plantain chips (fried in organic coconut oil)

Yesterday was a huge first for me!!  I ran a 4 mile new years day race and I ended up getting 3rd place overall woman!!  My pace was the fastest that it has ever been in my life (6:37 minutes per mile).  I really felt strong through most of the race until it came to the last 1/2 mile.  I kind of ran out of gas, but I still finished better than I ever thought I could.  I am so excited to do more races this year!!!

After my race yesterday, I was super productive and took down all of the Christmas decorations and organized all of the new toys.  I vacuumed and dusted.  I folded laundry and did the dishes.  What is it about 1/1 that makes people so productive?!

I was totally craving carbs after my race, especially after seeing all of the granola bars and bagels on the snack table afterwards.  I restrained myself and had a banana.  This is going to be harder than I thought because I am used to having some natural sugars.  This cold turkey thing is rough.

In (in)fertility news, I stopped taking the stupid mini pill.  I was forgetting at least 3 times a week and the amount of sex that is happening lately isn't making me too worried that I'll end up with an oops baby (if that would even be possible for me).  I have no interest in having a baby at this point in time.  I was thinking that the recommended 12-18 months between c-sections seemed like a lot, but now I am actually thinking that is a good idea.  I really want to run the NYC marathon this year so that means no pregnancies until at least November!  ;-)


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2 Responses to “Paleo Challenge Day #1”

  1. This is inspirational!! Look at all you got done. Great job. I'm looking forward to reading more of these!

  2. I wish we could run together! I just got my spikes for my shoes for the snowed about a foot here in Chicago yesterday....I can't wait to get off the treadmill!