Paleo Challenge Day #3

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I was supposed to be writing every day for this challenge and I only made it two days.  Sometimes life interferes, I guess.  Now you are all going to get post spammed by me.  :-)

This was from Friday, 1/3/14...

Paleo pumpkin pancakes (did not add the maple syrup and instead added more almond milk and more spices...A MUST TRY, AMAZING!!!)
Frozen and heated mixed berries

Steve's Grass-fed spinach & beef sticks (also a great find)

Egg white frittata with tomatoes, onions, peppers, sweet potatoes.

Homemade baked sweet potato chips with salt/pepper 

1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce

Spaghetti squash bolognese

TBSP almond butter w/ apple

I did a really crazy CrossFit workout which consisted of 30 burpees in 2 minutes.  Since I completed 30 in 2 minutes I had another 2 minutes to do 30 more burpees.  If I would have gotten that 30 burpees into that second 2 minutes then I would have had 2 more minutes to get in 30 burpees.  Now you probably get it.  I only got through 55 total so I missed getting another 30 burpees by 5 burpees.  Try it sometime if you are bored.  It is way tougher than it sounds.  You have to make sure your chest hits the ground fully, and then you have to jump and clap.

The clogged duct came back and this time with a crazy vengeance.  I was up every few hours that night trying to get the painful, hard, and hot lump out of my right boob.  No success, unfortunately.

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