Still keeping up with the Paleo Challenge (just not updating my blog...oops)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

So you may think that since I have not posted in almost a week, that I have fallen off the Paleo Challenge wagon.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  I am still going strong and have not slipped up once.  Rather than go through each of the last days that I missed, individually, I will give you some of the highlights.

I have noticed a few things since being on this pretty restrictive version of the paleo diet (i.e. no honey, dried fruits, maple syrup, etc.) which have included:

  • Being more thirsty even though I am drinking a ton more water than usual.
  • Being unusually exhausted in the evenings to the point where I have been falling asleep sitting up.
  • Sleeping very deeply (when I actually get to sleep).
  • Waking up feeling rested even after broken sleep.
  • Less general bloat.
  • Still craving carbs...namely cereal and crispy/salty items.
  • Craving a glass of red wine after dinner.
  • Being much less agitated than I was during the first week of this challenge.
  • Drinking way more caffeinated coffee than I have since long before I became pregnant and not having it affect me.
  • No longer feel like I am developing low blood sugar if I wait too long between meals (i.e. no carbo crash between breakfast and lunch).
  • I am spending waaaaaaaaaay more money on food than I ever have in my life.  Our grocery bills have gone up by at least $150 a week to include all organic/grass-fed meats and as much organic produce as possible.
  • After a serious tanking in my breast milk supply, I can say with almost complete certainty that it is back to where it was before.  YAY!  This may have to do with the resolution of masitits (and finishing the antibiotics) or with the fact that my body has adjusted to the new diet.  This morning, I pumped 8 ounces!
  • We made this meal last night, Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry over Brussels Sprouts (except with chicken) and it was awesome!  I loooove Brussels Sprouts so why not put more veggies and some lean protein on top and call it a meal?! 

I have introduced a new, and very satisfying snack in unsweetened coconut flakes with macadamia nuts for my mid-morning snack.  It has been keeping me going until lunch.  I also found a paleo approved version of plantain chips, made by Trader Joes, that I can use to satisfy some of my salty carb craving.  The lady at the checkout counter made this comment, "Wow somebody really loves plantain chips, huh?".  Yeah, that's now many bags of them I bought last week.

With regards to working out, I have been doing so about 5-6 days a week.  I try to run one day, then take a CrossFit class, then run, then CrossFit, etc.  It is hard for me to know which type of activity I should sacrifice for a rest day, which is why I sometimes run and do CrossFit on the same day so that I don't feel guilty for missing one or the other.  

I finally had my annual GYN exam on Tuesday and, except for the PAP results that are not in yet, the doc thinks that I look great.  I am holding steady at 115 lbs (down from 123 lbs at my visit in August).  He asked me about the birth control that I stopped taking and instead of getting a lecture on why I should be taking it, he was quite content to let me continue using condoms if that's what I wanted to do.  He asked when/if I wanted to get pregnant again and I was honest with him and told him potentially within the next year, but I am not sure yet.  I also told him I would go for a planned c-section over a VBAC due to my terrible labor and delivery experiences with B.  Still pondering the whole second baby thing but that is a whole separate post...

On a completely unrelated note, please keep my sister in your prayers.  Her GYN found a lump in her breast for which she will need a biopsy for next week.  She is only 30.  They also found some suspicious looking cells on her cervix after her PAP so that will also require follow-up.  I am praying that everything checks out ok.  She is getting married in May and I don't want this to wreck a time in her life that should be so exciting and fun.  She is holding it together really well right now.  I am amazed at her positive attitude!!      

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