A Weird Little Glimpse into My Marriage

Monday, September 10, 2012

Better late than never, right?  In keeping my promise to Stupid Stork here goes nothing!  I liked the bullet idea since I usually use them I think they are more than fitting to use here.

My Husband - A very manly man, indeed!
If you are reading this sweetheart, this is all in good fun!  I love you!

  • His middle name is a girl's name, or so that's what I thought when I first started dating him.  Then I found out it is actually a family name so I wasn't as worried.  :)  Kelly is the name.  Hehe.
  • He likes to go for runs, get really sweaty, and then sit on the couch and make a nice wet spot for me to find when I least expect it.  GROSS!
  • Speaking of running.  He is in AMAZING shape.  More amazing of shape than when we met.  He works out at least 6 days a week including CrossFit, running, lifting, swimming, and plyometrics.  Crazy man.
  • He shaves EOD during the week.  Usually Monday, Wednesday, Friday after I have monopolized the bathroom for an hour and a half.
  • When given the opportunity and a large bag of Twizzlers, Reece's Cups, or Rolos, he will eat the entire thing in a very short amount of time.  I guess he can afford that.
  • He rarely calls his mom or dad.  I try to remind him when I can.
  • He has been known to smoke on occasion (think Bob Marley) and that drives me nuts.  Not to mention I hate the smell, but I need those sperm in tip-top shape.  We don't need any more challenges!!
  • He hates making doctor's appointments.  I make them for him and then force him to go.
  • He drinks quite a bit of coffee and prefers shots of espresso over ice.  Black no sugar.  Hardcore.
and now time for...

A Weird Little Glimpse into My Marriage
  • We got engaged after taking a 6 or 7 mile accidental walk.  He wanted to propose by the beach, but I insisted that I did not want to walk to the beach that night.  Finally after walking forever he insisted we go.  When he put the ring on my finger, it was so swollen from walking for so long that it barely fit!
  • I had a crush on him in high school and I stalked him.  He was just not that into me.  Seriously, so sad.
  • Our first date was sitting out under the stars in the middle of a field eating subs.  Then we went to his place, watched "All the Pretty Horses" (???), and made out for several hours.  Such a great kisser.
  • We call each other by the same nickname (not a pet name or anything) and it totally messes people up.  I love it.
  • Our first pet was a Guinea Pig that we illegally kept in our apartment.  He died after getting a cancerous growth on his penis...no joke.  Poor little guy! 
  • We used to sleep in a twin bed together until we broke it while (you guessed it) having sex.  :-o
  • We never get off the phone with each other without saying "I love you".  Ever.  Sometimes we almost say that to other random people because it is such a habit.
  • He likes to fly by the seat of his pants and I like a plan.  We keep each other balanced, but sometimes drive each other CrAzY!
  • I used to spend lots of money at Victoria Secret on lingerie until he told me that he prefers naked.  Oh the money I could have saved if I had only known that sooner!! 
Ok that's all for now.  Hopefully I can think of more exciting bullets for next week.  If you think this sounds like fun, head over to the Stupid Stork's blog and tell her you want in.  She is super cool!

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8 Responses to “A Weird Little Glimpse into My Marriage”

  1. Yesssss! Yesssssssssssssss! I love the little glimpses this is giving - such a clearer picture.

    1. "Guinea Pig Penis Growth" is the name of my future band.

    2. My husband was the biggest.. Bob Marley smoker I had ever met when he was my new boyfriend. A true smoking Macgyver.

    3. Bub refuses to make Doctors appointments as well - I have to make them, and remind him. How exhausting.

    4. Bub has the middle name of a woman, as well. (It's actually Jens - I have told him repeatedly that since I changed my last name, least he could do is change it to Jen's).

    1. BAHAHAHA friggin awesome. I love the band name. T shirts would sell off the hook.

  2. K and I managed to kill a guinea pig together too! It was our first pet because I disliked cats and he disliked dogs. Our compromise was a guinea pig that died suddenly two weeks after we got it. We eventually got our two cats and a dog. They're still alive!

    I love this glimpses into other marriages! I'm finding we aren't so weird after all!

    1. Awww those poor little guinea pigs! So fragile! Ours didn't live that much longer than yours, maybe 3 months?

  3. OMG. So many of these could be written about my DH and I! The same nicknames...totally. It's weird to other people but not us. DH and I also made out on our first date, but in his car ;) Same w/VS...he always asks why spend so much when I'll only have it on for a few seconds!

    1. So funny how these things that seem weird and uncommon are actual pretty dang normal. :)

  4. It is fun to get these glimpses into the lives of others. Cloudy does not do doctors either,he is also in crazy good shape and eats like crap. We never had a guinea pig but we did have "love fish" that all died within a few weeks :)

  5. I love reading these! Too funny about the wasted money on lingerie. Your proposal story is adorable.