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Thursday, September 6, 2012

This post comes from my Mom.  She has been a great source of support for me for my entire life, but especially over the past year.  She does little things for me all the time like the other day I got a card in the mail.  It was a pregnancy card, but it was a "complicated" pregnancy card recognizing that it isn't easy.  It was really sweet.  She also gave me a little prayer card for Mothers.  I am not the most religious person anymore, as I have mentioned due to many of my life experiences, but I have been saying this prayer every day.

So as I head off to bed (and hopefully I'll be able to get some sleep), I'll leave you with this post from my mom.  I edited it slightly to take out names and locations, but that is it.  The rest of it is in her words.


Hello.  Let me introduce myself.  I am D’s mom.  I am so excited that all is well in this fourth pregnancy of my dear, first born daughter.  My youngest child (of 7) is now 12, and each time I pass the baby department of each and every store, I feel the love stirring in my heart for my first grandchild, D and my son-in-law's baby.  I want to buy everything on the rack!  

Last December, D called me in tears.  She had suffered her 2nd miscarriage.  My heart was breaking.  I took 3 days off of work, booked my flight that afternoon and arrived at her house the next day.  She and I talked, ate cereal, drank coffee, and spent the day watching trashy television (aka Kardashians).  By the time I left, she seemed to be more herself and she and my son-in-law were meeting friends to see the Nutcracker after they took me to the airport for my return flight.

They will be wonderful parents.  D brings with her many years of being a big sis (kind of a mom) to her 6 younger siblings.  My son-in-law is so excited for this baby and so in love with D that this little one has got one heck of a life ahead of him/her. My only heartbreak is having to live an 8 hour drive or a 1 hour flight away from this much anticipated little one.  

I have been blessed in this life to have wonderful, thoughtful, kind children.  And now I will be doubly blessed to be able to hold my little grandchild in my arms in a few short months.  My only great sadness is that D’s dad won’t be there with us.  God bless them and the baby.  

I love you guys so much. My prayers are with you tomorrow, at 8:00 am, during the ultrasound. 

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3 Responses to “Guest blogger Thursday - My Mom”

  1. Having support from Moms is so wonderful. There really aren't words to explain it! Good luck tomorrow! Thinking of you and waiting for great news!

  2. What a beautiful post! Please thank your mom for sharing. And if only everyone could be so lucky to have such a great relationship with their mom -- I've been blessed in this way but I know not everyone has been. She sounds like a great mom -- and I'm sure she'll be a great grandma!