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Thursday, September 6, 2012

This post comes from my Mom.  She has been a great source of support for me for my entire life, but especially over the past year.  She does little things for me all the time like the other day I got a card in the mail.  It was a pregnancy card, but it was a "complicated" pregnancy card recognizing that it isn't easy.  It was really sweet.  She also gave me a little prayer card for Mothers.  I am not the most religious person anymore, as I have mentioned due to many of my life experiences, but I have been saying this prayer every day.

So as I head off to bed (and hopefully I'll be able to get some sleep), I'll leave you with this post from my mom.  I edited it slightly to take out names and locations, but that is it.  The rest of it is in her words.


Hello.  Let me introduce myself.  I am D’s mom.  I am so excited that all is well in this fourth pregnancy of my dear, first born daughter.  My youngest child (of 7) is now 12, and each time I pass the baby department of each and every store, I feel the love stirring in my heart for my first grandchild, D and my son-in-law's baby.  I want to buy everything on the rack!  

Last December, D called me in tears.  She had suffered her 2nd miscarriage.  My heart was breaking.  I took 3 days off of work, booked my flight that afternoon and arrived at her house the next day.  She and I talked, ate cereal, drank coffee, and spent the day watching trashy television (aka Kardashians).  By the time I left, she seemed to be more herself and she and my son-in-law were meeting friends to see the Nutcracker after they took me to the airport for my return flight.

They will be wonderful parents.  D brings with her many years of being a big sis (kind of a mom) to her 6 younger siblings.  My son-in-law is so excited for this baby and so in love with D that this little one has got one heck of a life ahead of him/her. My only heartbreak is having to live an 8 hour drive or a 1 hour flight away from this much anticipated little one.  

I have been blessed in this life to have wonderful, thoughtful, kind children.  And now I will be doubly blessed to be able to hold my little grandchild in my arms in a few short months.  My only great sadness is that D’s dad won’t be there with us.  God bless them and the baby.  

I love you guys so much. My prayers are with you tomorrow, at 8:00 am, during the ultrasound. 

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3 Responses to “Guest blogger Thursday - My Mom”

  1. Having support from Moms is so wonderful. There really aren't words to explain it! Good luck tomorrow! Thinking of you and waiting for great news!

  2. That is so sweet! Good luck tomorrow!

  3. What a beautiful post! Please thank your mom for sharing. And if only everyone could be so lucky to have such a great relationship with their mom -- I've been blessed in this way but I know not everyone has been. She sounds like a great mom -- and I'm sure she'll be a great grandma!