The (actual) cost of miscarriage

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Picture've been through your 3rd miscarriage in 7 months.  You have recovered physically and finally feel like your body is starting to feel "normal" again.  Mentally, you are starting to round the corner from grief, sadness, and despair to the road of acceptance, peace, and hope.  You feel like the bleak days of the past are behind you and you are finally looking forward to the future again.  Then you open the mailbox and find a $500 bill from the hospital for your last D&C (dilation and curettage).  Just like a ton of bricks it hits you...ugh this really did happen.

I am actually quite lucky when it comes to medical bills.  I have great insurance and my company, very generously, reimburses my co-pays, which in this case will be $500.  I can't imagine if I didn't have insurance.  We would have to take out a second mortgage or I would have to start stripping (jk).  Here is the breakdown of the cost:

Pharmacy- $66.85
Other Pharmacy- $1.36
Medical/Surgical Supplies- $332.50
Laboratory Services- $769.00
Operating Room Services- $7,774.00
Recovery Room- $890.00

GRAND TOTAL: $9,833.71

Multiply this by 2...yikes.  Actually my first D&C was at least 2-3 thousand dollars more for some reason.  They were both performed under different doctors and at different hospitals so I guess that there is a lot of variation between them.  I have heard from several people that it costs more money to have a dead baby removed them to give birth to a live baby.  How utterly sad is that?  I pray that the next time I need to go to the hospital, that it is to give birth to a healthy little baby.

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