Monday, May 21, 2012

Yup, you guessed it.  Big fat smiley face today!  I confirmed with a Wondfo opk, as well.  Two nice dark lines.  I actually had an almost positive yesterday around 7:30 PM with the Wondfo, so I may O today or tomorrow.  I am currently on cd 17, so even though this isn't the cd 14 smiley that I was hoping for, it is sure a hell of a lot better than a day 25 or 26 smiley.  I'll take it.  So far I am liking Femara.

Predicting my actual ovulation this time might be tricky because last night I did not get a very restful sleep.  This is the worst time of the cycle to not get restful sleep!  My husband and I were awoken by the sounds of screaming animals in our backyard at 2:30 AM (again, we live in the burbs with no rural areas near us).  It was the most horrific blood-curdling noise I may have heard in my life.  It sounded like some animal was getting murdered.  We ran downstairs and turned on the back lights.  Sure enough we saw a fat raccoon running down the tree near our window.  We only saw the one raccoon though, so we are not sure what was maimed or killed.  I am rather scared to go in the backyard now.

Anyways, back to all of this ovulation and TTC talk.  Now I need to make a few decisions:

  • Decide if I just go about my business for the next 2 weeks or if I should start taking progesterone in a few days. 
  • Decide whether I want to tell Dr. Zhang that I slipped up so that he can appropriately tailor my acupuncture (which I am supposed to have today).
This cycle has turned from an uncomplicated pass-through cycle to a regular TTC one in one day!  I think I have an interesting 2ww ahead.

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