Guest blogger Thursday - My sister (#3)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

In continuation of my guest blogger Thursday's, my sister has written me a post for today.  She is the 3rd sister in the birth order of my siblings and I (I am the oldest).  She is 28 years old and is the only sister that lives near me.  She has been amazing through the past year and has helped me through some pretty terrible and sad times.  She is optimistic and always helps me to see the silver lining.  I am lucky and thankful to have her as a little sis (even though sometimes her advice is as good as that of a bigger sis).  :)


Hello, I am the blogger’s sister, and I have been asked to write a guest post. I guess I should just start by saying how excited I am that my sister and her husband have had success conceiving again.  I know the incredible hardships that they have been through, and I have to say that my heart broke for them each time they had to relay sad news to me. That being said, I am happy that they have had some good news, and that I have been able to attend the last couple of ultrasounds with my sister and her husband. During the school year, I am normally very busy; I have a full time job, a part time job, and I am in grad school. However, this summer, I only had one job, so I was really happy to offer additional support at these appointments.
As an onlooker, I have been thrilled for these ultrasounds. I have gone into each appointment enthusiastically, and ready to see my little niece or nephew; however, it has been tough to watch my sister's wariness and fears of possible negative outcomes. It has also been heartbreaking to know that she hasn't been able to allow herself to become too excited, since she wants to make sure she isn't getting her hopes up again. During the ultrasounds, I have tried to help her and her husband stay positive. I wish I could take all of their fears and allow them to feel blessed and ecstatic about becoming new parents, but I understand their reservations about doing so, given their past experiences.
I have to say, it made me really upset to hear about the reactions to my sister's pregnancy, during her last group counseling session. I know that one of the reasons my sister continued to attend the group after becoming pregnant, was so that she could offer support to the others members; however, they made her feel uncomfortable, even badly, about her good news. It's not like she hasn't suffered enough already! When they should have been happy for her, they were unsupportive, and made her feel like an outcast. Don't these members understand that you should be supportive in good and bad times?! I am sure if these people knew how they affected her, they would feel ashamed that they did not reciprocate support. Perhaps they will experience something similar if their circumstances change. For their sake, I hope that they do not. No one should be made to feel badly about such wonderful news.
...But enough of the negative stuff... Seeing the little muffin has been such a heart-warming experience! It is truly a miracle that human life is formed the way that it is. Reading and hearing about it is a completely different experience than actually seeing it happen before your eyes! Even seeing the difference between 5 and 7 weeks was astonishing! I have been so amazed by this peanut! I am so happy that my sister and her husband are finally getting the good news that they deserve :) Because of all of the hardships that they have gone through, I know that they will be absolutely overjoyed when they are finally able to hold their own little baby in their arms! I know that I have also developed a much deeper appreciation for the struggles that couples go through. This baby will truly be a little miracle :) I can't wait to me this little muffin! :)

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3 Responses to “Guest blogger Thursday - My sister (#3)”

  1. This is such a sweet testament to sisterly love! It is wonderful that the two of you have such a close relationship and that she has been such a rock for you during all of this. Thank her from us for sharing her perspective!

  2. Great post! It is truly amazing to see the growth over ultrasounds! It really sounds like you are such an important part of the doctors visits...and "little muffin" will be grateful for an aunt like you!

  3. LOVE the guest posts! Helllooooo D's sister!

    Nothing but good vibes & apple pie for that little bean. THIS. IS. IT.