My pup turns 4 today!

Monday, August 27, 2012

I can't believe that my little angel is turning 4 today.  It seems like just yesterday we were driving him home from the breeder's house in his little "baby's blankie" that he then, a few hours later, made a complete mess on.  I remember the first night in his crate when he was crying so loud and all I wanted to do was snuggle him.  I remember him getting fresh with my cats and always having little gashes on his nose from their scratches.  I remember him starting out as the worst "kid" in his obedience class, but graduating as one of the best.

He has been mischievous though and gotten in to trouble several times, too.  Then there was the time that he snuck off on Christmas Eve and ate 2 tampons then puked them up.  Or the time that he ate some cotton make-up remover pads and I spent several hours on the phone with poison control trying to figure how to make him recover (lots of wheat bread and Triscuits, haha).  There have also been several incidents involving him climbing up on the counter to get something like butter or cheese.

He has grown up to be such a great companion and has gotten my husband and I through some really rough times over the past year.  He is always willing to go for a walk or to snuggle up and take a nap.  He will retrieve for hours if you have a tennis ball to throw him.  He is truly man (and woman's) best friend.

Here are some pictures of him through the years from looking like a rat to being the handsome boy that he is today.  Happy Birthday to my "Son Dog"!!

 They don't even have spots yet!

 Puppies at a few days old.  Not sure which one is ours.

 His first day at home.

 Don't you just want to squeeze him??

 So tired!!

 Getting to be a bigger boy.

 Fav spot on the couch.
 Dressed as a bumble-bee for Halloween against Daddy's wishes. :)

 Too much fun.

 His absolute favorite place on earth...the beach.

 "His bed" aka the guest bed.

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11 Responses to “My pup turns 4 today!”

  1. Precious! Our pup turned four this year too (in April). And I had to laugh because we, too, dressed her as a bumblebee last Halloween. Your doggie is beautiful. Happy birthday to him!

    1. Yay for bumblebees (and Target!) Happy belated to your pup, too!

  2. Aww Rocking Reno, such a handsome boy:)

  3. Awe - we have 2 fur babies and they really are the best addition to our family so far. Our youngest has been sick for the last day or so (stomach issue...we think a cob of corn she threw up has something to do with it) and it has really made us realize how much we love them! Happy B-day to your beautiful man!

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I hope your puppy feels better soon!

  4. Your PUP is ADORABLE :) I have this obsession with cows (well, spotted cows), so I LOVE dalmations!!

    1. we say that he has a cow belly because his spots are huge and he barely has any fur on his stomach! :)

    2. He looks so sweet =) I sent you an email...just a quick question!

  5. Holy smokes, I am not a super animal lover, but your dog is AWESOME! Absolutely beautiful!

  6. Ohhh for crying out loud I'm going to eat your dogs face. EAT HIS FACE!

    Is that wrong?