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Monday, June 18, 2012

After getting another false positive on the Clearblue Digi opk yesterday morning, I decided to call the number on the box to chat with an "expert".  My second false positive yesterday was done while I was away from my house.  I had peed on the stick this time because I thought it was kind of gross to pack a "pee-cup" with me.  Of course when I woke up I was still not with it 100% so I guess I must have stuck it in the flow for a second too long?  Sure enough another "smiley".  When I ejected the stick, it was almost completely blue with no lines.  WTF?  I was so annoyed because I didn't bring an extra stick and I had to hold it for several hours later in the day. 

I took a Wondfo yesterday afternoon and it was definitely negative.  I have the beginnings of fertile CM, but no EWCM yet.  I always have EWCM before a positive ovulation test.  I also know that the test in the morning was not a true positive.  After seeing some of the comments on my previous post, I decided to call the hotline.  Wasting 2 sticks from that box killed me.  They are almost $2 a stick!

The girl on the recorded phone call politely asked me what my question was.  I explained to her the situation with the positive and then negative test in the same urine and the whole dye run.  She was very firm with me in explaining that you should NEVER look at the stick itselff because the digital device does not interpret straight off of the lines.  She said that the digital reader is always right and detects "blah blah" amount of LH.  I told her I understood, but that the stick was almost completely blue from dye and when I have had sticks look like this before they came up with errors on the digital reader.  She again scolded me for even looking at the line, but told me that she would send me a free pack if I would answer some questions for her.  Ummm duh.  Of course I am going to answer questions and save some money.

She asked me about my cycle length and when I last got my period.  I told her my range had been from 41-32 days and she asked me when I had last had a 32 day cycle.  I told her that was my last cycle and they were shortening because I was taking fertility medication.  She asked if my medication could be causing a false positive.  I told her no.  Femara isn't supposed to cause false positives, plus that wasn't my issue.  Then she asked if I had an HCG trigger or if I could have been pregnant.  I told I did not have a trigger and there was no chance I was pregnant since I had gotten a negative HCG beta and then gotten my period 2 days later.  Her final "bright idea" was that maybe my cycles really were shortening so much that I actual was getting a positive result.  She said she hadn't really heard of anyone ever getting a positive and then a negative with the same urine.  I didn't even know what to say to that so I just reiterated the fact that I felt that I couldn't trust the tests anymore because of what had happened.  She stopped with the ideas and gathered my address, the lot number of the package, and the expiration date.  She told me to call back with the numbers on the stick and foil wrapper for their information.  Tonight I get to go sifting through my bathroom trash can.  Fun!  Oh well, at least I will get some free tests!  Now I just have to figure out when I am going to ovulate!

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  1. Good for you for calling! I am playing the "when will I actually ovulate" game right now too!