Some Tuesday randomness

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

  • Today I went in for cd21 blood work as instructed by the nurse that I talked to the other day when I was freaking out about possibly not ovulating.  My normal 45 minute commute to work was increased to a 2 hour commute.  Oh well, one day I will tell my future child about all of this and they will know how much they are wanted!  When I got back from there I decided to Google ‘21 day progesterone test’.  What I found is that the nurse didn’t really give me the best information regarding said test.  She didn’t mention that you are supposed to go 7 days after ovulation.  In a perfect 28 day cycle where ovulation happens on the 14th, it would be cd 21.  In a cycle where you ovulated on cd 16 you would then go on cd 23.  Since I believe that I ovulated on cd 16, this would render the test worthless, right?  Good thing I trekked all the way over there this morning.  Just add it to the list of reasons why I need to fire my RE's office!
  • Last night I got a frantic call from my pregnant friend (the one with the subchorionic hematoma I mentioned in a previous post) asking me if I could take her to the hospital because she was gushing blood.  Her husband is a state trooper and works many nights so he wasn’t going to be able to pick her up.  I rushed over to get her.  She was shaking with panic and felt very lightheaded from all of the blood loss.  Her neighbor, who was so sweet, came over to watch her sleeping baby while we were gone.  I got her to the hospital in one piece and her husband ended up being there to greet us, so I didn’t have to stay.  Luckily the baby is still doing great, but her subchorionic hematoma is still as big as it was at her last ultrasound a week ago.  She was released from the hospital, so now she just has to rest and hope for the best.  I told her that this little chickie (I am sure it is a girl) is going to be just fine.  She is a fighter and will get through this.  I am still praying for her every day!
  • On a completely unrelated note, I am going to be an extra in a movie on Thursday!  I submitted a head shot and application about a month and a half ago not every remotely expecting them to call me.  Chances are I will be doing something totally stupid like standing in a crowd of people or talking by the camera, but it is still pretty exciting to me!  Something that I can cross off of my bucket list and yet another something to keep me preoccupied during this 2ww!

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5 Responses to “Some Tuesday randomness”

  1. I hope your friend is ok, how scary. That is an exciting distraction. Have fun ms hollywood.

  2. The test will still tell you if you ovulated, which is the point, right?! Progesterone peaks at 7 DPO, and they like to see the highest number, but it will still be elevated at 5 DPO. Yeah for the part as an extra! Super exciting.

  3. Hello from ICLW! Sounds like fun to be an extra in a movie! :-)

  4. Hope your friend is doing okay :( The movie extra job sounds really neat, one of the best things I've heard of to ease the annoyance of the 2WW!

  5. The nurse didn't tell you that CD21 testing is really 7dpo testing? Uhhh ... I would say that's pretty negligent. At least you were only off by two days.

    That must have been so scary for your friend. I'm glad she's feeling better and that the baby's doing okay.