My dysfunctional ovaries

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I was pretty sure that I ovulated on Tuesday.  I had the positive opks and a decent amount of CM.  My temps were up on Wednesday so I thought that was a good sign.  Then I took my temperature this morning...

Last night I didn't sleep that great.  It was really hot and even with the central a/c our upstairs never gets as cool as the downstairs.  We had to keep our bedroom door open all night so that we could get better air circulation in there.  Good news for my cats.  They were so excited that our door was open that they both decided that it would be great to sleep with us last night.  One of my cats is rather large (she is like 16 lbs).  Her favorite thing to do it lay on my legs which is not so great ever, but especially not so great when it is so hot.  I woke up about 3 times last night to kick her out.  The last time was about an hour before I was supposed to get up.  Not a great night's rest.

When my alarm went off, like usual, I grabbed my thermometer and stuck it under the left side of my tongue.  The stupid thing beeped in only 2 minutes (it usually takes 3-4), so I knew that was a bad sign.  Lo and behold my temp dipped to 97 freaking degrees.  WTF.  Guess I didn't ovulate.   I got out of bed, so angry.  I rushed through my hair/make-up routine and then went to wake up my husband.  Not sure why I thought it was a good idea to wake him up with the words, "I think this is really bad news".  Basically our 7 days in a row of "baby-making" may have been wasted.  Uggggghhh.

Let me rewind to last 7 in a row of having sex.  Both of us were so tired.  Me from being sick and then having to function like normal and him from working hard at work all day and then working out.  It was also so hot.  I thought it was "insurance" day, so for good measure we got the job done.  I don't think it was very pleasurable for either of us.  He was super hot and I was really uncomfortable.  Not a good combination.  I think we were both relieved that we had accomplished what we wanted to accomplish. 

Back to this morning.  As soon as I got to work I called my doctor and left a frantic message.  Then I called my friend and she let me bitch to her about my body being so messed up (if you are reading this B, thank you).  As soon as I got off the phone with my friend, the nurse from my RE's office called. 

Paraphrased for brevity's sake
Nurse: I just listened to your message.  So you got a positive ovulation test on Tuesday but don't think you ovulated?
Me: Yes.  I got a positive ovulation test and I know that you don't believe in temping, but my temperature is really low today and it always goes up after I ovulate.  Since I was really sick on Tuesday, I think that may have caused me to not ovulate.  Should I come in for a blood test?
Nurse: If you got a positive ovulation test then you ovulated or are ovulating now.  Your temperatures are not going to be reliable if you were so sick because chances are you are still slightly dehydrated.  That might cause your temperature to be low.
Me: So it isn't possible that I got the positive ovulation test/LH surge and didn't actually ovulate?
Nurse: No, it isn't possible.
Me: Can I come in for a blood test to confirm? 
Nurse:  (Goes into a spiel about coming in every day for LH tests and says it is too late for this cycle)  You can come in on cd 21 for a progesterone test and we can confirm ovulation then.  When is your cd 21?
Me: Next Tuesday.
Nurse: Ok then, come in then and we will test you and then you will know for sure.
Me: Should I continue the opks to be sure I haven't ovulated yet?
Nurse: No.  You already got a positive test so you already ovulated or are ovulating now.
Me: What if my blood work on Tuesday shows that I haven't ovulated?
Nurse: (In a tone of complete contempt and annoyance of my apparent lack of ovulatory knowledge)  Well we will talk to Dr. X to see if we need to evaluate/change your treatment.

Fabulous.  Now I feel sooooo much better.  NOT.  I am so incredibly angry and annoyed this morning.  I totally feel like just leaving work and going home to go to sleep.  Oh and I forgot to mention, my husband uttered the words, "I don't think it is ever going to happen" right before I left for work.  Awesome, that's the spirit.  I can be pissed, but he shouldn't be pissed with me.  This day can go to hell.  :(

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7 Responses to “My dysfunctional ovaries”

  1. I'm sorry. I was never able to tell when I was about to ovulate on OPKs. When we did the IUIs I went in DAILY for b/w until I ovulated. Usually it was 5-6 blood draws. No fun, but at least it's a viable option to know when. I could always tell after I ovulated due to temp charts, but never before.

    Hope you're day gets better!

    1. Usually opks work for me, but I think because I was sick that night everything got thrown off. I also feel like my RE's office just dismisses me when I call them. I would switch, but they are supposed to be the best in my area. So frustrating! Hopefully my temps will go up tomorrow? I guess it is possible to ovulate 2 days after a positive opk? Thanks for commenting. :)

  2. I don't have eggs so I have never used an opk. But, your theory sounds logical. I hate arguing with nurses when they usually don't know what they are talking about.

  3. First, so sorry about the confusion. I've been in your situation - lots and lots and lots of sex, even when completely not into it, all to find that ovulation was delayed or didn't occur. As for the sage wisdom from the nurse, you can tell her one of your blog friends gets a positive every month around CD 13 and doesn't ovulate. She then gets another around CD 18 or 19 and then ovulates. I hate how doctors act as if those things are infallible but in reality are ridiculous and unpredictable. Finally, I hope that you really did ovulate and the sickness combined with poor sleep just altered your BBT.

  4. It can happen because it did for me last cycle. I had positive on CB digital the morning of a follicle scan. Couldn't wait to go and see at least one giant egg ready to burst. Nope - only little ones still. My temp never rose. I didn't ovulate and got another positive OPK about a week later and ovulated then. So frustrating and annoying.

  5. I'm sorry but the nurse doesn't sound too informed. Maybe she has enver had to deal with this in her own body so the knowledge just isn't there. All the OPK tests for is an LH surge which should trigger ovulation but doesn't always, especially in women with PCOS. And she doesn't believe in temping? I mean there are a lot of things that can throw it off like drinking, temps in your room, not sleeping, stress. But it is more reliable than opks I think. Sometimes I take my temp twice in a row before getting out of bed and often times get a more expected reading the second time. So I guess I am saying that the opk doesn't mean you ovulated and one low temp doesn't mean you didn't, so I am absolutely no help at all. But I am going to go to your next post and see where you are at will all of this :)