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Friday, June 8, 2012

My dear friend is going though some trouble with her pregnancy right now and needs lots of prayers.  I don't have all the details, but it she has some type of hematoma that is causing serious pain and bleeding.  She is 12 weeks.  The good news is that her baby is is still doing great right now (HR 171).  She went to the ER (specific for maternal fetal medicine) last night and they basically told her that there was nothing that could be done.  They told her to go about her normal activities and to call them if she was soaking through 2 pads in 2 consecutive hours.

A little background on her, she only has one fallopian tube that had to be removed while she was going through IVF.  She has experienced a chemical pregnancy and a miscarriage before her first live birth.  She gave birth to her amazing daughter a little over a year IVF miracle.  She is the cutest and most active little girl.  For this pregnancy she used some frozen embies with no meds and became pregnant.  Her pregnancy has gone ok so far although she had some spotting early on due to an early hematoma that went away.  Her 12 week ultrasound this week was fabulous, but then she started to cramp and bleed.  The worry and dread all came back for her.  :-(

I did some of my own research and this is what I found (from Just Mommies):

  • There are several types of hematomas, but the most common one during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy is a subchorionic hematoma.
  • A SCH is basically a blood clot between the uterine wall and the placenta.
  • Normally they resolve on their own by reabsorbing into the body or leaving through the cervix as bleeding.
  • Sometimes blood-thinners are given to move the process along.
  • Bed rest & extra fluids is often advised.
  • SCH causes an increased risk for placental abruption.
  • The miscarriage rate associated with SCH is only 1-3% (This is a comforting stat).

Has anyone had or known anyone to have a SCH around 12 weeks of pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby?  I would love to offer my friend some advice and comfort.  She is so worried and upset.  I feel so bad for her because I know how awful it is to not know what is going to happen.  I am praying that everything with her little bean is perfect.  Why is it that these things seem to happen to people who have already been through so much?  Thanks for reading.

This is her 12 week u/s pic. 
Come on little baby!  We need you!

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  1. Sass recently found out she has an SCH too:

    She's not far along, but perhaps she would have something to share with your friend. Best wishes to her!