Gone to Brazil

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ok not really...just went to the day spa and got a Brazilian wax and a pedicure afterwards to dull the pain.  I decided what a better way to make "baby-making" more fun than to spice it up a little, right?

If you have ever had a Brazilian wax before you know that it is probably one of the most unpleasant experience that you can have at a spa.  I have had several before and, let me tell you, they don't get any less painful!  It is always a little awkward going to a new place, too, which was the case today.  Getting briefly acquainted with an esthetician before they rip all the hair off of your v.agina is rather tough.  I used to be rather shy about spreading my legs to strangers, but having 3 miscarriages has made me get over that fear really fast.  I feel like so many people have seen my lady parts I have lost count.  

The wax hurt.  The esthetician kept asking me if I was ok because after ripping off the hair from several really sensitive spots I started bracing for subsequent pulls and my hands were profusely sweating for some reason!  I guess it could have been due to the fact that my fists were clenched so tightly.  I was wishing I had some kind of stress ball to squeeze.  After she was done she touched up a few spots with tweezers, which honestly I couldn't even feel at that point, and then did a few strips of my inner thighs which didn't hurt at all either.  I think I was desensitized at that point!

After the wax, I headed downstairs (crotch on fire), to get my well deserved pedicure.  I was the only one there at that point.  I read a few gossip mags while I soaked my feet and saw that pretty much all of Hollywood is pregnant and ready to pop.  What a surprise (NOT)!  As the pedicurist(?) worked on my feet, a woman, her husband, and their newborn freaking baby walked in.  Just my fabulous luck.  The entire staff at the spa went nuts.  I got to listen to this woman talk about how being pregnant was so hard on her body and how tired she was from feeding every 2 hours.  Wah, wah.  I had been so relaxed with the pedicure up until that point an then I just wanted it to be over with.  I wanted to get out of there and be done with her complaining.  So much for my relaxing pedicure.  Why is it that this type of thing ALWAYS seems to happen to me.  It is like I am being punished for something and need constant reminders of what I don't have.  What the heck did I do to deserve this?!  :(

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3 Responses to “Gone to Brazil”

  1. Sending hugs your way! Life is so unfair.

  2. Ahhh, that sounds awful. I've always wondered about the waxing. I'm not sure I could handle it. But not having to shave every few days would be so nice. Good for you for trying to keep the baby making fun. I need to make that a bigger priority for sure.

  3. Right in the middle of a supposedly relaxing pedicure ... of course. What timing. Sorry that you didn't get your deserved respite from all stuff baby.