Loooonger luteal phase

Monday, June 4, 2012

The jokes on me...where the heck is my freaking period?!

I am definitely NOT pregnant as I had a negative blood draw this morning.  The nurse very reluctantly gave me the bad news this afternoon as I was about to sprint over from work to my acupuncture appointment.  She asked me if my period was late and I told her that it was late by 2 days.  She didn't seem worried and sort of implied that I might not have known when I actually ovulated (ha little does she know I am a psycho obsessed charter). She mentioned that next time I might want to go in around the time of ovulation to have my LH/progesterone tested to be sure.

Rewind to a little earlier today...I received this email from my husband (Yes, the subject of the email is holy f*ck, and this was sent to my work email address).

Holy F*ck
My Husband [husband@emailaddress.com]
Sent:Monday, June 04, 2012 2:46 PM
[Name of his coworker] just told me his wife is pregnant.  He’s in his forties, has two kids already, 11 & 12.  
It came up because he said he’s selling his car and he’s bummed out.  Boo fucking hoo, felt like punching him in the face

I almost wanted to laugh and cry at the same time because this is an email that I should be writing to him.  I am usually the one who is sensitive to these types of comments from others.  I guess it isn't just the women who suffer with infertility and repeated pregnancy loss.

Fast forward to my acupuncture appointment this afternoon.  I braved the wind, rain, and 50 degree temps on my 1 mile plus walk to the office from work.  The acupuncture itself was nice although people kept on slamming the main door to the office and it kept waking me up out of a peaceful rest.  I walked back to the train station from the appointment, in the wind, rain, and 50 degree temps and sprinted to the bathroom.  For some reason acupuncture makes me have to pee.  As I was washing my hands I happened to look in the mirror.  There was a serious dried blood streak down the middle of my forehead to the top of my nose.  OMG.  I looked so ridiculous like I belonged in a bad Halloween horror flick.  I am not sure how many people saw me like that.  I guess I shouldn't have adjusted my position after the needles were in place.  Oops.

Ok peeps, please pray that AF shows her face tomorrow.  I am ready for my next cycle.  It is baby-making time.

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5 Responses to “Loooonger luteal phase”

  1. Here from LFCA. Welcome to the blogosphere. I'm so sorry for your multiple losses. Had 3 miscarriages in the last year too and it definitely sucks. Hope your next little bean decides to stick around. Best wishes on your journey!

  2. Nice to read that from a man's perspective! (Not that I'm happy he was hurt, but ....)

  3. Here from LFCA to welcome you to the blogosphere! Sorry to hear of your miscarriages. FX for a quick BFP!

  4. Love that email from your DH! My husband experiences this at work as well...he works for one of the largest home builders in the country, so lots of co-workers. Anytime anyone is pregnant, someone's wife is pregnant or anyone has just had a baby, they send out a mass email congratulating so and so...which is usually followed by a party. They happen quite frequently and DH always wants to just hide :(

    1. Ugggh seriously? Well he better get a spectacular celebration when you get pregnant!