More crazy dreams

Friday, June 15, 2012

For some reason I have been having weird pregnancy related dreams, or what I might equate to personal nightmares.  I have had 2 similar dreams in the past week.  In my first dream, I dreamt that my sister-in-law found out that she was pregnant by my sister's boyfriend.  The crazier thing is that my SIL is engaged!  In the dream, my husband was forcing me to write a letter to her telling her how happy I was for her.  I clearly remember writing the words in cursive on a decorative piece of paper.  The problem was that I was not happy for her at all.  I was so angry and jealous.  I didn't even seem bothered by the fact that she was pregnant by my sister's boyfriend, I was more angry at the fact that she was pregnant.  I would love to know what that one means.

Two nights later, I had a dream where my other sister announced that she was unexpectedly pregnant.  In that dream all I remember is being so upset.  In my dream I was sobbing so hard that I woke myself up gasping for breath.  I seem to have developed some deep seeded fear of others around me (mainly in my immediate family) getting pregnant.  It is like I am so worried that this is going to happen that I make myself dream about it so that I will have to deal with it.  This may be yet another sign that I should sign up for that program.

Unrelated item... I just finished my 5 days of Femara and am now on cd 10.  I think I'll start using opks again tomorrow even though I no I am not close to ovulating yet.  CM is always an indicator for me that I am close.  The waxing site has almost healed so it is time to get back in action.  Am I ready for this again?!

Totally unrelated to everything...  I went to see my favorite band, Keane, the other night and my husband and I were so lucky to be almost touching the stage.  The lead singer, Tom Chaplin, was amazing as usual.  Man that guy has a set of pipes.  One of the best songs of the night was a new song off their album called "Starting Line".  I think I have mentioned before that their latest album is so relevant to my life right now and this song is no exception.  Well when Tom was singing these couple of lines from this song, he was seriously looking right at me.  It was just the coolest feeling.

"Each heart is a paper kite blown around by the breeze,
But love won’t rest till it brings you to your knees.
Some find it easy, some will never even know,
You think you’ve done your journey
Then you stumble and find that there’s such a long way to go."
Starting Line - By Keane - On Strangeland

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  1. Thanks for turning me on to the fact that there is a new Keane album! I just listened to the samples of all of it on iTunes and am happy to hear that they sound more like themselves than they did on that last album. How cool that you were at the concert. And with eye contact, ooohhhh .....